Welcome to my third contest (fourth if you include the Profession Contest). We've done Builds, Skills, and Professions, so now it is time to do races. So, what exactly is required for this contest? This contest is only for serious entries.

First, you need a general description of the physical characteristics of your race as well as other general information. You will also need an image as well as a history. Finally, you will need to have a description of what kind of role they play. Are they likely to be casters or melee? Do they have any race specific classes, skills, or racial abilities? Do they have any inherent modifiers or unusual characteristics?

For anyone who has ever played D&D and seen the Player's Handbook, you essentially need to create a page for the race like those found in that particular book. Be creative. Don't use the traditional archetypes like Dwarf, Halfling, Elf, etc. Try to come up with an interesting, balanced idea.

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