For those of you who actually spend their time reading other people's user pages, I'm sorry to inform you that the stuff you will be reading is extremely boring and pointless.


About me...

I play Guild Wars... well... if you can call sitting in Beacon's Perch all day is 'playing', then yeah I'm playing Guild Wars.

In game name is Demonic Sin Ex, and as mentioned above you can find me in beacons.

What I do...

1) Chill in Beacon's Perch 2) Chill in Beacon's Perch 3) Chill in Beacon's Perch 4) Work on my drunkard in Beacon's Perch

Some other, rare stuff I do is kathsc, soosc, and running.

The guild I'm in is Electric Celerity, a pro running guild. If you want to join, pm me or God of Fissures or Xaphira Quickscythe, or Miss Dervissh but you probably won't be able to join in the first place. For requirements to join, go to and click 'Join Us'.

I give running lessons for free (on all professions), as long as it's not on an easy run like Ascalon-LA-Sanctum. If you need help with the easier runs, check out the run articles on wiki (all updated and edited date by me). What I will help with is advanced techiques in the Southern Shiverpeak runs and Nightfall Desolation/Vabbi runs. To contact me, simply PM me in game (Demonic Sin Ex) and/or find me in Beacon's Perch. If I am not running/racing I will gladly help you.


I heavily updated and simplified the 2 years old running guides in this wiki, and is also working on the Desolation and Vabbi Tour run page.

Pages I created

Desolation Run Vabbi Tour

Pages I heavily updated and edited

Droknar's Forge run Running guide Running Sanctum Cay Mission Beacon's (to and from) Ascalon City Beacon's (to and from) Lion's Arch Beacon's Perch to Droknar's Forge Lion's Arch to Sanctum Cay

and every other running article out there :).

If you have any questions about my edits, please contact me immedately and I will explain the reasoning behind my edits.

K it's getting late so I'm gonna sign off. Good night!

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