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Necromancer-icon-small Brigitte Rousseau

Mesmer-icon-small Riley Gentairo

Warrior-icon-small Selene Dalmay

Paragon-icon-small Alexis Colette

Necromancer-icon-small Caitri Romanov

Warrior-icon Selene Dalmay
Character-Selene Dalmay


  • Born: Tyria, 7/27/2008
  • Age: 4 hours
  • Experience: 16639 points

This is version 2.0; I was ready to sear before, then decided I wanted to go for Defender of Ascalon. I had not done it properly, so I restarted. I think I would like to use her to beat Prophecies, as I'm not terribly attached to the Necro I was using.

Favorite Builds

none yet


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