Ow, cool. I was in an RA-team with no monk. 10 wins, 7 flawless. RA FTW (it was me (shock axe), a mel derv, an EDA D/P and a shadow step BHA ranger BTW).

Another thing. Me playing Charger in IWAY, leading the team. Guess what we meet in the UW? A group of 7 Invici-eles and 1 HB monk. OF/Shockwave spike. Wasted 10 minutes because some though we would win. It worked like this: they put up wards and Wells of Silence. We stay away, they use OF. We get close, they use Shockwave. We didn't stand a chance.

<rant>You know what I really can't stand? People who say "look, I'm a noob so I can do everything wrong". YES YOU ARE A NOOB AND YOU JUST MADE ME /RAGEQUIT. IF YOU THINK YOU ARE A NOOB

GO IMPROVE YOURSELF!!!!<P> Dragnmn talk cont 13:43, 22 February 2008 (UTC) </rant>



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>you As do massless cords.
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EreanorBond Error 007
From Anet with love.
<-- Ripped from MP47.
<-- He probably ripped it from somewhere too.

My Professions

What I Play Type
Ranger Barrage, Trap, Condition, Spellcaster Lock, Famine
Necromancer Minion Master
Monk Bonder, 55, 600, Smite
Warrior Sword
Paragon Spearmaster, Chant/Shoutmaster (Song of Restoration)
Elementalist Fire Nuker/SF, Farmer
Mesmer Only when R/Me for Famine Farming
Dervish Running (Eternal Aura and Avatar of Balthazar)
Assassin Rarely play, Möbius Strike primarily
Ritualist Tried, didn't like it.

My Chars and Titles

Ranger-icon-smallDragn Mn

I'll update the rest when I feel like it.

Char Lvl Titles, Achievements, Working on
Dragn Mn, all-in-one-except-beastmastery Ranger and Obs Tank 20 Canthan Grandmaster Cartographer, Sunspear Castellan, beaten Factions and Nightfall.
Para Wingman, Spear Para 20 Brave Lightbringer, Spearmaster, beaten Prophecies and Nightfall.
Hope This Heals, Monk 20 Primarily used for farming, playing through NF.
Zealous Raising, Necromancer 20 SS, 1HP BiP, 55hp
Telephone Ring, Fire/Earth Farmer 20 Farmer (Vermin, UW)
Pain Was Me, Dervish Balthazar Runner 20 Runner.
Song Bass, PvP Only, change professions (paragon primarily) 20 None
I Have Lag, PvP Only, change professions 20 None

I'm not really working on any title ATM, but while farming you find quite a few golds, which go to my Ranger.

Where to find me

Primarily in the main 55 farming locations (Temple of the Ages, Bergen Hot Springs) or the basic running sites (Lion's Arch).

Random Stuff

I love the LAME template, I put it here so I know where it is and I don't have to search if I want to use it.
{{User:Entropy/templates/lame|Thing that is LAME|Fault 1|Fault 2|Fault 3|Fault 4|Fault 5|Fault 6|Fault 7|Fault 8|Fault 9|Fault 10}}
{{User:Entropy/templates/improvement|Thing to be improved|Number of Suggestions that ANet should adopt|Suggestion 1|Suggestion 2|Suggestion 3|Suggestion 4|Suggestion 5|Suggestion 6|Suggestion 7|Suggestion 8|Suggestion 9|Suggestion 10}}

NERF Template (brilliant, Needs Effective Reduction to Firepower):
{{User:Shadowcrest/templates/nerf|Thing needing nerf|Fault 1|Fault 2|Fault 3|Fault 4|Fault 5|Fault 6|Fault 7|Fault 8|Fault 9|Fault 10}}

Other Userpages

Fissure Spider Farmer Warrior
Para FoW Farmer
Shockwave Vermin Farmer
Dual Anguish Farmer
55 Monk

For character: User:Dragnmn/Character and User:Dragnmn/NavFrame. Copied off Tanaric.


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