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Dreams are dangerous...
Mitsabi's Dream
Coming to your computer, 20th August 2007

So, who is this guy?

Hi, I'm 84. No, that's not my age, it's what people call me. Some people also call me "Andreas", which is my parents' fault. 84.175 is the first part of my IP address, in case you wonder where that name comes from. Yes, I'm a hopeless geek and I have no intentions to do something about that. I'm also German and there isn't much that I can do about that. Other than that, I'm 29. Yes, that is my age.

On a side note I'd like to mention that me being called "84" has no connection whatsoever to that other guy in a well known Sci-Fi movie being called "85"...


I started editing GuildWiki in July 2005 and became a registered user in August. I have been an admin from October 2005 to September 2007. I stepped down from this position because of the increasing lack of time and the loss of interest.


Primary Account:

Prophecies / Factions / Nightfall / Eye of the North
Member of "Servants of Fortuna" [SoF]
3226 hours / 30 months

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Warrior-icon-small Ernbrecht Sturmtruz

84-175 Ernbrecht

Monk-icon-small Sister Margarethe

84-175 Margarethe

Elementalist-icon-small Isadora Di Comeri

84-175 Isadora

Necromancer-icon-small Xi Xolotl

84-175 Xi

Assassin-icon-small Snow On The Cedars

84-175 Snow

Paragon-icon-small Sasha Carelli

84-175 Sasha

Dervish-icon-small Lawnmower Girl

84-175 Lawn

PvP / Testing slots

Secondary Account:

Prophecies / Factions / Nightfall
Member of "Defenders of the Gods Pups" [PUPS]

673 hours / 23 months

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Ranger-icon-small Sanya Eni Enwa

84-175 Sanya

Mesmer-icon-small Regina Di Comeri

84-175 Regina

Ritualist-icon-small Zari Bars

84-175 Zari

Storage mules

PvP / Testing slot

Random Fun Stuff

84-175 Ern and Kisu 84-175 Xi and Maddy

What do real heros talk about after defeating Glint?

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