The Norn Fighting Tournament

This page contains info on working strategies to win the Tournament, as well as an incomplete but improving list of all the possible opponents and their builds. Please feel free to edit this page, one person alone is not enough to finish this database!

Post Your Successful Build

Since this is a 1v1 battle (most times), remember that skills like Ebon Dust Aura, Broad Head Arrow, "You're All Alone!", Iron Mist, etc. become much more viable and useful. Also, see Doppleganger. While that battle is a bit different, the concept of 1v1 is the same. Many strategies that work well there, work well here too.

There are many builds that work against Magni, however, because the other foes are somewhat randomized no build is 100% guaranteed to win. Because of this, if you post a winning build, please also try to note the other foes you fought on the way.

W/R Tactics War (derived from anti-melee farming builds)

Gladiator's Defense Riposte Deadly Riposte Final Thrust Dolyak Signet "Watch Yourself!" Healing Signet Antidote Signet

Max out Tactics, put the rest in Swordsmanship and Strength. Very easy to kill Bison, and works well against most foes in the tournament, if you're patient.Anikulapo 07:59, 25 August 2007 (CDT)


  • Working build
  • Will not beat Danika,

Mhenlo or Razah

  • To beat Argo you must break aggro when he casts Argo's Cry. He will eventually stop casting this spell if you last long enough.

Working build for Norn Fighting tournament. Mo/N or N/Mo (derived from 55 Hp monk)

Spoil Victor Protective Spirit Healing Breeze "You Move Like a Dwarf!" Mending Balthazar's Spirit Essence Bond Blessed Signet

Important Notes:
- Cynn: Interrupt Glyph of restoration
- Xandra: Do not attack on Vengeful weapon
- Melonni: Interrupt her avatar.
- Danika, Brutus and Sheena: Put SV on one of the wallows, Use you move like a dwarf on Danika when she heals. Keep healing breeze up.
- Devona: Take out one of her heals, taking down either one will be enough to kill her.
- Norgu and Kahmu: Cover protective spirit.
- Nika: interupt her Expose Defenses, if you miss it run for your life.
- Mhenlo: Leave mending, put SV, he will kill himself with 2 wands. - Magni the Bison: Keep his purge signet down, use it enough so when u get knocked down u always have plenty of time before it ends.
-Argo: Interupt stoneflesh aura or earth attunement so his mystic regen heals less.
- Warmaster Tydus: Watch out for interrupts, you might want to knockdown him if you really need your next skill to go good (eg. healing breeze). Energy can be a problem.
-Razah and more opponents that can give u more then 4 hp degen: Keep Healing Breeze up, for the others leave it to save energy.
-Old Mac and Joe: If you are good at it dodge, broad head arrow which should be easy, otherwise cripple Joe and run to the other side, and SV Mac, when Joe catches up cripple him again and switch the side of the arena, if he 's to much in the middle dodging broad head will be easy. You also just can interrupt it.
-Orion: Or interrupt mark of rodgort or use healing breeze. -The Great Zehtuka: Interrupt his traps by wanding, if he uses whirling just let him start laying a trap and take a faw steps back, he'll eventually start hitting you with his sword.
-The others go down by just putting spoil victor and waiting (i didn 't test the ghostly hero yet Badbybirth 12:49, 26 August 2007 (CDT)

Spirit Spammer on Rit Secondary
Keeping the following page updated: Spirit Spammer for Norn Tourney
Channeling Magic 12, Communing 10

Painful Bond Bloodsong Vampirism Pain Shadowsong Anguish Dissonance Nightmare Weapon

This build is a build that requires Ritualist secondary...doesn't need rit runes. This build has worked on all opponents I've faced so far including Bison. Basic strategy is plant your spirits just outside agro range then hit the target with painful bond and starting attack them (use a ranged weapon)...the spirits will do most of the work. The build only works on High Energy Professions. Ya need high energy to put down all the spirits, using a staff for extra energy might work. I used in on a ranger by putting the rest of the attribute points into Expertise since it will affect the binding rituals (spirits). You can play around with it and substitute some skills if you don't have Nightfall or don't have high Sunspear Rank (for Vampirism). Basically...lots of damage dealing spirits...combined with painful bond = quick death for most opponents. The only opponents that will give you trouble are those that heal themselves quickly or have a ton of health (Magni).

  • This hasn't been tested on absolutely all of the opponents but it's worked on: Alesia, Cynn, Devona, Danika, Eve, Gwen, Kahmu, Kilroy, Kisai, Koss, Little Thom, Lo Sha, Lukas, Magni, Melonni, Mhenlo, Morghan, Nika, Norgu, Orion, Panaku, Razah, Sologon, Talon Silverwing, The Great Zehtuka, Vekk, Warmaster Tydus, Xandra, and Zho.

I will be creating a page in my userspace for this build.--Thor79User-thor79Talk 16:43, 25 August 2007 (CDT)

Modified Cripshot, R/any

Expertise 12, Marksmanship 11, Wilderness Survival 12

Distracting Shot Crippling Shot Poison Tip Signet Barbed Arrows Dust Trap Natural Stride Troll Unguent Favorable Winds

This build is similar to the ever-popular PvP Cripshot build, with slight modifications. Instead of using Apply Poison, I used Poison Tip Signet. This is due to the fact that battles are "1v1" so you're not "spreading" degen. This also meant I could use Barbed Arrows as a preparation, since you can use it before the match. Anyway, how to use the build:

  • Set a Spirit of Favorable Winds inside the area where you start, so it won't be attacked.
  • If your enemy has to advance to melee range, then set a Dust Trap before you start attacking. Wait to regain Energy.
  • Use Poison Tip Signet -> Barbed Arrows -> Crippling Shot, and Distracting Shot when needed.
  • For foes that don't move such as casters, you can try to use Natural Stride to get into close range and then use Dust Trap. This is a bit risky, though.
  • Kite and heal if necessary by Crippling with Cripshot, and then kiting with Natural Stride and healing through Troll Unguent.
  • Note that this build deals enough damage through degen, and has enough defensive capabilities, to kill most foes through attrition alone. This means that against foes like Eve (who can be beat) the battle will be long but you will win eventually. Be patient.

This build has worked on: Little Thom, Panaku, Lukas, Nika, Devona, Eve, Xandra, Kahmu, Zho, Koss, Cynn, Gwen, Ghostly Hero, Kisai, Lo Sha, Morgahn, Norgu, Orion, Razah, Sogolon, Talon Silverwing, The Great Zehtuka, Vekk, Warmaster Tydus, and Magni the Bison.

Foes that heal through regen only are tough to beat with this build. It can sometimes win against Melonni, but good reflexes are needed - both Avatar of Dwayna and Veil of Thorns need to be interrupted. The same applies for Alesia and to a lesser extent Kilroy - a player must be able to interrupt Healing Breeze for any chance at a win, and that is only after Healing Hands wears off too.

Any others may or may not be beatable, based on luck! Entropy Sig (T/C) 21:50, 6 September 2007 (CDT)

Oath Shot Whirling Defense Generous Was Tsungrai Vampirism Pain Shadowsong Disenchantment Dissonance

this build is the simple oath shot spirit spammer with a few modifications. carries spirits for every situation.

  • before battle cast your spirits from left to right just outside of the enemies agro
  • call whirling defense and pull with oathshot
  • heal with tsungrai as needed.

this build has worked on: Everyone

Something for all Warriors: A variant of Anikulapos' above build, created independently by my alliance leader.

Undying Stance. R/W. Expertise 11+1+2, Marksmanship 12+2, Wilderness Survival 6+1. Elemental Recurve Bow.

Apply Poison Screaming Shot Distracting Shot Savage Shot "You Move Like a Dwarf!" "On Your Knees!" Lightning Reflexes Prepared Shot

Interrupt Magni's Bear Form with Savage Shot, disable Irresistible Blow with Distracting Shot, and use the KD from "You Move Like a Dwarf!" in combination with "On Your Knees!" to repeatedly recharge Lightning Reflexes, while Poison and Bleeding eat away at him. Use Prepared Shot to maintain Energy. This build sports multiple interrupts, Poison, Bleeding, instant Knockdown + Cripple, continuous IAS and blocking capability, and virtually unlimited Energy. Headmaster Vhang is the only non-Magni opponent that is a consistent problem due to his Blinding Flash. Eve can also be dangerous if you fail to interrupt her anti-attack hexes. All others will fall easily. Arshay Duskbrow 01:47, 28 August 2007 (CDT)

Grenth's Beast Master, R/N

Beast Mastery 9+1+1 Expertise 9+1, Curses 10, Marksmanship 8+1

Faintheartedness Enfeeble Distracting Shot Savage Shot Grenth's Balance Feral Aggression Comfort Animal Charm Animal

This build combines heavy pet damage through Feral Aggression, while hindering the enmies offensive abilities through Necromancer Curses. This basic strategy is as follows:
-Before the fight starts, lock your pets target to your opponent.
-When the gate opens, walk out and use Feral Aggression. Your pet should charge the enemy.
-If you are fighting a caster, interrupt critical spells and follow up with Enfeeble to reduce their attributes.
-If you are fighting a melee opponent, cast Faintheartedness and Enfeeble. They will do much lower damage attack less often.
-Tank/Kite while your pet deals hefty damage. If you get low on health, use Grenth's Balance to heal yourself (use just before you die for maximum damage and a bigger heal.
-If your pet should die, kite around the arena until you have enough energy to ressurect your pet (do not ressurect against Magni the Bison, this is a waste of energy).

  • This build easily beats Cynn, Ghostly Hero, Gwen, Kahmu, Kisai, Koss, Little Thom, Lo Sha, Magni the Bison, Morghan, Nika, Old Mac, Orion, Panaku, Razah, Sogolon, Talon Silverwing, The Great Zehtuka, Vekk, Xandra, and Zho.
  • This build is difficult, but possible to beat Danika, Devona, Eve, Melonni, Norgu, and Warmaster Tydus.
  • This build cannot beat Alesia, Argo, Headmaster Vhang, and Kilroy.
  • This build has not been tested against Lukas, Mhenlo, and Palawa Joko.

AfroThunder396 00:05, 4 September 2007 (CDT)

Personal favorite -- 55 Necrosis/SV

For a 55/105 Mo/N (probably a N/Mo, too), this works about 95% of the time.

Spoil Victor Protective Spirit Necrosis Castigation Signet Reversal of Damage Parasitic Bond Healing Breeze Mending

For more information on using this build against EVERY FOE and some general tips, I made a very long, very pretty build page: User:The_Goron/Builds/SV_Invincimonk_Against_Magni

Your page helped immensely, Entropy :P

Feedback is appreciated! The Goron 02:35, 1 September 2007 (CDT)

Spirit Spam Varient Any/Rt This is a varient of the Spirit Spam method, and like its predecessor, requires only a high energy-regen primary.

Pain Vampirism Bloodsong Shadowsong Dissonance Ursan Blessing Brutal Weapon Optional

When the gate opens, step into the spot where it was and set up your spirits BEING SURE NOT TO ENTER THE ARENA. Once your spirits are set up, step into the arena and the gate will close. You should have enough energy to use Brutal Weapon on yourself, and in a few moments you should have enough for Ursan Blessing as well. Your foe will come to you, and your spirits will begin attacking. Attack using your ursan skills, and your foe will be defeated in moments!

Assault 'Sin (A/D)

This is a straight-up, high-power, defensive, and shutdown build.

Sneak Attack Wild Strike Shattering Assault Critical Defenses Mystic Regeneration Critical Agility Critical Eye "You Move Like a Dwarf!"

Right in the gate, cast Critical Agility and Mystic Regeneration, as well as Critical Eye. Depending on your foe, you'll want to cast Critical Defenses just before you engage (don't bother if the foe isn't melee-based). "YMLaD!" should be used when engaging as an interrupt; shut down whatever skill you think will be your worst problem.
Keep your attack chain rolling; you have limited leeway with Sneak Attack to keep the foe Blinded, so don't waste time on that. Wild Strike and Shattering Assault work wonders against most of the foes; Mehnlo in particular. Most all of the foes will die easily under a continued assault, with a few exceptions:

  • Eve. She'll cast more anti-melee then you can possibly handle. With Parasitic Bond and wanding as her sole source of damage, simply sit back and keep Mystic Regen up. After a while, she starts to run low on energy; wait until Insidious Parasite ends on you, then attack right away. Keep a finger over "YMLaD!" if she tries to re-cast it, or tries to activate Spiteful Spirit (although SS is less of a problem, and will cost her more energy then she can afford). She'll die soon enough.
  • Gwen. She uses Signet of Midnight to keep you blind. Simply keep attacking and hope for criticals every so often, to keep Agility active; don't bother with your attack chain, it won't hit. Note that she only uses the Signet right after Blind ends on you; use this to hit her with "YMLaD!", and watch her die soon after.
  • Magni. He needs a little different tactics. Activate skills as normal when you come in, activate Critical Defenses a little earlier then normal. Just before he hits melee range, drop "YMLaD!" on him. This will let you land Sneak Attack before he can swing at you. He'll activate Purge Signet when he gets back up, but this only gives him enough time for a swing or two before you land Sneak Attack again; from there on out, just spam your chain, keep your skills active, and drop knockdowns whenever he least wants it. If you can land a knockdown on Purge Signet when it recharges, even better. I've finished battles with full health using this method; being blind all the time, and yourself with a 75% block chance, he generally doesn't hit you. Ever. --GEO-logo Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 09:08, 13 November 2007 (UTC)


Blinding Flash Enervating Charge Lightning Orb Lightning Hammer Elemental Attunement Air Attunement Aura of Restoration Gaze of Contempt

Unbeatable if you follow these simple tactics.

  • Pre-cast enchantments from left to right.
  • Gaze of Contempt is for Mhenlo, though it also makes Argo a bit easier.
  • Keep Blind and/or Weakness up at all times on all weapons-based foes.
  • Spam Lightning Orb and Lightning Hammer for the win.
  • Against Magni: Lead with Enervating Charge; he'll come to melee range and hit you once or twice, then activate Purge Signet. Now you blind him with Blinding Flash.
  • When Enchantments are removed, don't bother to recast them unless you think it will still be awhile before you can win or you are really low on Energy for some reason.
  • Special fights warranting some notes: Danika, Norgu, Razah, Cynn, Devona.
    • For Danika, you can eventually overpower her, but it takes a while. Kill Sheena first, as she will use Blood Ritual on Danika, and that will make the battle drag on even longer.
    • For Norgu, he will open with Visions of Regret. You want to start by casting Lightning Orb, and Visions of Regret will hit you after that. So start wanding. Now Norgu will cast Empathy. At this point, blast away, and he shouldn't cast Backfire. I don't know if this is a fluke, but if you do the battle this way he never seems to use Backfire. Maybe he runs out of Energy. Basically, as long as you only have Visions of Regret OR Backfire on you, you can win (barely), but not if both are up.
    • For Razah, if he gets Wanderlust up before you can kill him, you'll need to kite out of its range and hope Razah follows you. Otherwise you need to sit and wait until it does.
    • For Cynn, you'll want to open with Gaze of Contempt. Try to avoid some of her spells by kiting, since she can kill you if you take every single one. Without Fire Attunement she will eventually run short on Energy and you can kill her.
    • For Devona, if you want to end the fight at all quickly, just make sure you hit her during Healing Signet with Lightning Hammer/Orb. This will give over 200 damage. Otherwise it takes a while.
  • Untested foes: Palawa Joko (no idea how this battle would go)

-User: aka User:Vipermagi, and tested some more by Entropy Sig (T/C) 02:27, 12 October 2008 (UTC).

EDA Dervish

Distracting Blow Aura of Thorns Twin Moon Sweep Eremite's Attack Ebon Dust Aura Vital Boon Signet of Pious Light Rending Touch

Beats most foes eventually, haven't tried on all. Obviously you'll want an Ebon Scythe.

  • Against weapons users, keep blind up with EDA.
  • Use Distracting Blow to interrupt heals and problem skills like Empathy.
  • Aura of Thorns and Twin Moon Sweep to apply Cripple, Bleeding, and spike damage.
  • Eremite's Attack for more damage. Against Magni, this is the main skill you use to maintain Blind. When he uses Purge Signet, you either interrupt it or follow up immediately to reapply Blind.
  • When facing a melee-range foe, if you mess up badly you can use Aura of Thorns for Cripple and run away to heal. Works on Bison too.
  • Vital Boon and SoPL for strong self-heal.
  • Rending Touch for enchant removal.
  • Problem foes: Lukas (lots of block, hard to maintain Blind), Eve (have to be patient), Norgu (Visions of Regret, Empathy). These foes can be beaten, but they are a challenge until you can reliably interrupt key skills, and even then they take longer.
  • Long foes: Devona (strong selfheals), Mhenlo, Melonni (wait for Avatar to wear off); Headmaster Vhang, Kisai, and Argo (wait to drain energy). Removing Attunements with Rending Touch speeds things up. These foes are not hard, they just take a long time.
  • Untested: Palawa (easy to blind both minions, but how to also damage Palawa?), Danika (probably want to kill Brutus and Sheena first, but can you deal enough damage? would help if you can get them bunched up for multiple scythe attack)

Entropy Sig (T/C) 07:22, 9 October 2008 (UTC)


Signet of Judgment Stonesoul Strike Bane Signet Holy Strike Castigation Signet Reversal of Fortune Protective Spirit Gaze of Contempt

Beats most foes and owns Magni reliably, except in the rare case where he hits with Devhammer just as you're casting Prot Spirit.

  • SoJ, Strike, Bane Sig, Strike for damage. Against many casters you usually have to wait until they run out of Energy before they will begin to wand.
  • Reversal of Fortune for healing. Protective Spirit isn't necessary against most foes, but the first few times running the build you may need to use it, until you get used to only using RoF. As long as you have RoF up when their strong attack or spell hits, you're fine. Obviously, against Magni you do want Prot Spirit up at all times.
  • Use SoJ as an interrupt if you need to. Most pertinent against Troll Unguent, for example.
  • Gaze of Contempt for Mhenlo and Argo.
  • Castigation to regain energy.
  • Trouble foes: Warmaster Tydus (interrupts), Ghostly Hero (interrupts), Norgu (helps a lot if you can interrupt Visions of Regret), Alesia (takes a long time to waste all her Energy). You can beat these foes, they just take longer and are harder.
  • Unbeatable foes: Palawa Joko (lifesteal goes through RoF), Danika (lifesteal, can't outlast her healing)

Entropy Sig (T/C) 02:19, 12 October 2008 (UTC)

Glass Scythe

Wounding Strike Mystic Sweep Eremite's Attack Critical Eye Aura of Holy Might Critical Agility Way of the Master "You Move Like a Dwarf!"

Still testing, but in general, kills the enemies before they can do much of anything. Get preps up, use YMLaD to incapacitate the enemy, then spike them down. Can have issues with blindbots (save YMLaD for the blinding skill). Against Magni I have to hit and run. Go in, hit (bleed if possible), knock him down before he hits and run away. Repeat. Tested against: everyone except Kilroy and Palawa Losses: Magni (3x) and Headmaster Vhang (1x) JonTheMon 02:45, 12 October 2008 (UTC)

Know Thine Enemy

Magni the Bison

L28 W/Mo Hammer Warrior

Bear Form Purge Signet Irresistible Blow Counter Blow Devastating Hammer Crushing Blow Auspicious Blow Optional

Strategy: Blind, Cripple + degen. Has no self-heal and breaks aggro fairly easily, exploit this by kiting. Things like Mist Form and Shadow Form are also totally viable.

Notes: Bear Form gives a huge Health bonus and causes Magni to deal 25% more damage on top of his already very strong normal attacks. It has a huge cooldown time of 120 seconds, so interrupting it makes the battle much easier.


L20 Mo/W Mowwa?

Sever Artery Gash Final Thrust Mending Healing Hands Healing Breeze Optional Optional

Strategy: Only a threat to builds that rely on killing through degen alone, and maybe Trappers too.

Notes: Alesia is finally "Tank Girl", lol?


L20 E/D Terra-Tank

Stone Daggers Stoneflesh Aura Mystic Regeneration Monster skill Sliver Armor Armor of Earth Sandstorm Earth Attunement

Strategy: Stoneflesh Aura and Sliver Armor are your only real threats. Low overall damage output, selfheal is not very effective. Daze works great. And remember not to stand around in Sandstorm or the Argo's Cry meteors; that is about the only way Argo could ever kill someone.

Notes: Argo is a Fire Nuker as a hench or NPC. The monster skill is Argo's Cry, which has a similar effect to Meteor Shower.


L20 E/? PBAoE Fire Nuker

Flame Burst Star Burst Inferno Glyph of Restoration Phoenix Fire Attunement Optional Optional

Strategy: Snare or Cripple, since Cynn must get to close range. Or Daze. Because of Aftercast, melee characters should still be fine. For ranged attackers without Cripple: You can also kite her somewhat, and occasionally that will make Inferno/Flame Burst miss entirely. For Phoenix, it is wise to move just outside Adjacent range so it won't hit you for full damage.

Danika, Brutus, and Sheena

L20 Mo/? Healer, L10 N/? Necromancers

Healing Burst Orison of Healing Heal Other Healing Touch Optional Optional Optional Optional
Wallow's Bite Vampiric Gaze Blood Ritual Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Deathly Swarm Vile Touch Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional

Strategy: You must kill Danika to win. Killing either or both of her pets does not end the fight (although you can cause Danika to waste Energy trying to heal them, or perhaps use Scourge Healing). She is a straight Healing instead of Prot monk, so it should be easy to overpower her.

Note: They start off already in the middle of the arena. If you are a ranged attacker, you can stay inside the starting area and pummel them from there, and they will only sit there and heal. This makes it much easier to take them out when you don't have a great self-heal.


L20 W/A Defensive Hammer

Healing Signet Shadow Refuge Death's Charge Counter Blow Backbreaker Crushing Blow Counterattack Protector's Strike

Strategy: Most typical anti-melee stuff works fine, but the addition of the Assassin secondary skills makes Devona a bit more resilient than usual. Watch out for Backbreaker if you're playing a DPS or degen build...otherwise, she is usually dead before gaining 10 Adrenaline. Hitting with a strong attack during Healing Signet also does wonders; as a Hammer Warrior, she only has ~40-60 AL during that time.

Because of her 3 self-heals and slow attack rate, a 55 Spoil Victor necro might have trouble defeating her. Put some points into Curses and bring Insidious Parasite to maximize the damage Devona takes from each of her few attacks.


L20 N/Me SS Necromancer

Spiteful Spirit Insidious Parasite Parasitic Bond Price of Failure Reckless Haste Energy Tap Leech Signet Power Drain

Strategy: She's set up as anti-melee for the most part, and will completely decimate anyone with a high attack speed and lack of hex removal. Her hexes do minimal damage and degeneration on their own though, so any caster should have little trouble. Waiting until she runs low on energy can work as well, if melee is your main source of damage; her damage is entirely based on your actions, so simply sitting still and healing will cause her spells to be wasted.

Ghostly Hero

L20 W/R (probably) Guild Lord-type build

Troll Unguent Power Shot Distracting Shot Disrupting Chop Cyclone Axe Distracting Blow Savage Shot Cleave

Strategy: Mainly just annoying with all his Interrupts. Doesn't deal much damage. Strafe to avoid his arrows. Should not be a problem for anyone, especially if you carry anti-melee stuff. Note that the usage of an Axe or Bow depends on how close you get to him, just like with the Doppleganger.

Notes: He is non-fleshy, and unaffected by Bleeding and Poison. But, is he "Undead" or affected by "Deathbane" mod?


L20 Me/? Blind and Pressure

Wastrel's Worry Wastrel's Demise Energy Burn Power Drain Power Spike Signet of Midnight Leech Signet Spiritual Pain

Strategy: If you're a weapons user, you had better carry Condition removal or have good interrupt reflexes. Otherwise, Signet of Midnight will keep you permanently Blinded. Alternatively, use Snare or Cripple - Signet of Midnight is touch range. Gwen is no threat at all to caster foes.

Palawa Joko and 2 Joko's minions

L20 N/? Unknown, L10 W/? Swordsmen

Monster skill Monster skill Monster skill Monster skill Optional Optional Optional Optional
"For Great Justice!" Final Thrust Distracting Blow Soldier's Strike Optional Optional Optional Optional

Strategy: Ignore the minions; killing them does not end the match. Focus on Joko! (see Zoldark the Unholy for Palawa Joko's skills)

Notes: Sometimes, after beating it for the first time, Palawa is the final enemy in the Tournament rather than Magni the Bison. The mechanics behind this are unknown.

Headmaster Vhang

L20 E/D Aeromancer

Mind Shock Lightning Strike Air Attunement Lightning Orb Conjure Lightning Mystic Regeneration Blinding Flash Armor of Sanctity

Strategy: If you use a weapon, bring some way to counter Blind as you'll probably not be able to interrupt Blinding Flash without Daze or similar. You can also wait for him to run out of Energy if you have strong enough heals.


L20 D/? Avatar of Balthazar

Avatar of Balthazar Mystic Vigor Heart of Fury Faithful Intervention Rending Touch Victorious Sweep Optional Optional

Strategy: He's pretty vulnerable without his Form and it is easy to Interrupt. If for some reason you can't take an Interrupt, then take anti-melee. He has no serious self-heal so you can do degen and stuff too.

Notes: Kahmu will be automatically recruited as a Hero if you beat him.


L20 W/Mo Leeroy Jenkins!

Frenzy Kilroy Stonekin (skill) Healing Signet Mending Healing Hands Sever Artery Gash Final Thrust

Strategy: Kilroy is your typical "Wammo" build, but the addition of his special Shout makes him a bit deadly. However, since he has Frenzy and Healing Signet, you should still have plenty of opportunities to kill him. Healing Hands works best against multiple low-damage hits, so try to cast Spells or use Attack Skills whenever possible instead of regular auto-attacks and wanding.

Notes: It's been theorized that Kilroy was originally designed to mimic the "Leeroy Jenkins" phenomenon, with his quest in Sorrow's Furnace. This just makes the connection more clear.


L20 E/? Aeromancer

Blinding Surge Lightning Javelin Aura of Restoration Lightning Bolt Lightning Strike Optional Optional Optional

Strategy: The only skill that is a bit dangerous is Blinding Surge for weapons-users, make sure to bring a Condition removal or Interrupt it. Daze and anti-caster works fine.


L20 W/E Shock Axe

Sprint Shock Healing Signet Flail Critical Chop Eviscerate Counterattack Executioner's Strike

Strategy: Koss runs the ever-popular PvP build, Shock Axe. He is somewhat dangerous to Weapons users and builds that rely on slow kills through degen. Any typical anti-melee, such as Snare, Cripple, Blind, etc. should still work though.

Little Thom

L20 W/E Hamstorm

Crippling Slash Hamstring Glyph of Lesser Energy Fire Storm Breath of Fire Healing Signet Optional Optional

Strategy: Little Thom always seems to start off fights with GoLE -> FS -> BoF. Take advantage of this with your own AoE or just simple kiting. Hamstorm is a weak build in all cases so there should be no problems.

Lo Sha

L20 Me/? Degen Hexer

Conjure Phantasm Images of Remorse Recurring Insecurity Mantra of Persistence Ether Feast Optional Optional Optional

Strategy: Lo Sha deals almost all his damage through degen, and normal Hex removal is useless due to his many Hexes. However, if you just focus on a high damage output you should be able to kill him before he kills you. If you have non-regen heals, you can also just wait till he runs out of Energy.


L20 W/? Tanker

Auspicious Parry Riposte Deadly Riposte Galrath Slash Healing Signet Optional Optional Optional

Strategy: Lukas is slightly annoying with all his Blocking skills, but lacks consistent damage output or strong self-heal. Unblockable skills will circumvent his defenses, and blinding him or blocking his attacks will make it hard for him to charge adrenaline. Also, since Riposte and Deadly Riposte only work if you attack in melee, Warriors might consider switching to a Wand to gain Adrenaline and then going back to their other weapon. Casters and ranged attackers should have no problems whatsoever.


L20 D/? Avatar of Dwayna

Avatar of Dwayna Mystic Regeneration Armor of Sanctity Veil of Thorns Mystic Sweep Lyssa's Assault Optional Optional

Strategy: Extremely resilient against weapons-users; Avatar of Dwayna fends off Hexes, Armor of Sanctity+Veil of Thorns gives a large base damage reduction, and Mystic Regeneration gives strong self-healing. Make sure to interrupt at least one of these; otherwise, unless you're doing Lifesteal or have huge damage output, you'll have to wait for the Form to wear off, so you'd better have good enough healing to last ~70 seconds.

Notes: Trappers should be careful not to attack Melonni when she has Veil of Thorns up. Combined with Armor of Sanctity, it reduces all Trap damage to nearly 0, rendering you totally ineffective.


L20 Mo/? 55

Shield of Judgment Healing Breeze Blessed Aura Symbol of Wrath Balthazar's Spirit Blessed Signet Protective Spirit Mending

Strategy: Facing a 55 in solo combat is a daunting task for the unprepared. You could try E-Denial, Enchant stripping (try Gaze of Contempt), or some other build that doesn't need to attack Mhenlo and thus won't let him 55 effectively. On the other hand, since Shield of Judgment is his only real damage, you can just wait for it to wear off before attacking. Lifesteal also works wonders - a single usage of Vampiric Gaze, Vampiric Assault, Vampiric Touch, etc. will usually give a win.

Mhenlo will also eventually run out of Energy if you interrupt his Blessed Signet every time and deal constant, steady damage. However, if he then casts Mending, you could be in for a very, very long fight.

It appears that Mhenlo doesn't always use Healing Breeze as a normal heal as he should. This needs more testing.

Notes: Mhenlo has a special version of Protective Spirit. People who have fought Mhenlo in long battles have not observed him to use the spell, except maybe right at the beginning of battle; others have had their damage reduced to 5, implying an inherent Prot Spirit effect. Sometimes, right at the start of battle he already seems to have Prot Spirit up; other times, he can be killed in one or two hits easily. He will cast it on you after battle sometimes.


L20 P/R Degen

Barbed Spear Apply Poison "Go for the Eyes!" Anthem of Flame Troll Unguent Slayer's Spear Optional Optional

Strategy: In addition to moderate damage, Morgahn can deal out many Conditions. The best strategy would be to use some sort of Blocking skill, or just typical anti-weapons. Troll Unguent is also a great weakness on him, giving a full three-second respite for your own self-heals or attacks.


L20 A/? Hex-chain Shatter Sin

Expose Defenses Black Lotus Strike Shattering Assault Siphon Speed Black Spider Strike Optional Optional Optional

Strategy: Don't rely too much on Blocking or Kiting. Alternatively, Nika's combo is not too hard to disrupt with a quick Hex removal. Cripple and Snares work well too.


L20 Me/? Generic Mesmer

Wastrel's Demise Empathy Ether Feast Physical Resistance Elemental Resistance Backfire Shatter Enchantment Visions of Regret

Strategy: Most of Norgu's damage comes from Empathy, Backfire, and Visions of Regret. You can remove these Hexes or Interrupt them as they have relatively long casting times, and Norgu doesn't seem to invest in Fast Casting. With only Ether Feast, Norgu's self-healing is limited. If you don't attack or cast at Norgu, he can barely damage you (excepting Wastrel's Demise). If you have a self-heal you can simply out-last him in attrition.

Old Mac and Joe

L20 W/? and L20 R/?

Wild Blow Counterattack Thrill of Victory Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Broad Head Arrow Read the Wind Hunter's Shot Penetrating Attack Power Shot Optional Optional Optional

Strategy: Joe's BHA spells trouble for casters, and Old Mac's Wild Blow spells trouble for Blocking tanks. However, with a bit of luck BHA can be dodged by strafing, and Wild Blow can be interrupted. Note that killing either Mac or Joe will end the match; pick based on what build you're running (i.e. an Elementalist should go for Old Mac, since Rangers have higher AL to Elemental damage, etc).


L20 E/? Fire DPS

Mark of Rodgort Flare Elemental Attunement Fire Attunement Fire Storm Aura of Restoration Optional Optional

Strategy: None needed. Even a DPS/degen build should be able to out-damage Orion, since he has no serious self-heal. Since he spams Flare continuously, Backfire and such works exceedingly well. Even removing Mark of Rodgort renders him almost powerless.


L20 A/? Moebius-Blossom Spammer

Shadow Refuge Jagged Strike Wild Strike Blinding Powder Death Blossom Moebius Strike Optional Optional

Strategy: Unlike the usual Panaku, this version doesn't have a Shadow Step. His skills make a fairly strong offensive combo, so it might be a good idea to use Blocking, Blind, kite, etc. Plague Touch can ruin Panaku's day, too.

Notes: Panaku shows up on the Luxon side. However, Moebius Strike can only be gotten on the Kurzick side, and only after Befriending the Kurzicks. This is somewhat strange. It would make more sense if Panaku and Nika switched builds. Although, it is some years between Factions and EotN, so that might also explain things.


L20 Rt/? Spirit Spammer

Pain Bloodsong Anguish Shadowsong Wanderlust Doom Boon of Creation Optional

Strategy: None needed. Razah doesn't start summoning his Spirits until you actually get into aggro range. This leaves him extremely vulnerable to just about anything. His only possibly threatening skill is Doom, but it tops out at 130 damage anyways.

If you are playing as a Spirit Spammer, try to drop Wanderlust before he does, and if you do then you'll win. Otherwise, you can carefully inch forward until you are just outside his spirits' attack range, and summon all your Spirits, then attack Razah. Your spirits will then promptly annihlate him before you die, since you have Painful Bond and he doesn't.

Trappers cannot beat Razah if he puts up Wanderlust first. Even when he doesn't it's a hard fight, as you have to rely on indirectly interrupting Wanderlust with a knockdown from Tripwire/Spike Trap, etc.

Also note for ranged attackers and casters: if you move slightly outside of Razah's aggro, you can pull him a little bit past his Spirits. So if he gets Wanderlust up, just move back a bit, and you'll be fine.


L20 P/W Defensive Spear

"Shields Up!" "Watch Yourself!" Spear of Lightning Soldier's Fury Mending Refrain Optional Optional Optional

Strategy: Paras and Rangers should beware of Shields Up, otherwise, not a challenge. No decent self-heal, Empathy and such kill quick.

Talon Silverwing

L20 W/? Sword warrior

Healing Signet Savage Slash Enraging Charge "For Great Justice!" Sun and Moon Slash Silverwing Slash Dragon Slash Optional

Strategy: Relies heavily on Adrenaline, so consider something like Soothing Images. Interrupt Healing Signet and you should be fine. Overall damage isn't too high in any case.

The Great Zehtuka

L20 R/Me Fragility Trapper

Trapper's Speed Smoke Trap Flame Trap Barbed Trap Fragility Healing Spring Whirling Defense Optional

Strategy: Just attack him for an easy kill...even a Wanding Monk could kill Zehtuka. Does not seem to activate Whirling Defense very often, and Trapper's Speed will cancel it anyways. It is easy enough to just kite away...the arena is large enough that Zehtuka can use all his traps without you setting off even one of them. Even if you do, if you have any decent self-heal you should easily outlast Zehtuka; he deals nearly no damage in melee.

Notes: Having Zehtuka's Great Horn in your inventory causes a special Win situation: Zehtuka will take it from you upon your victory and give you a Zehtuka's Horn instead.


L20 E/? Water Spiker

Vapor Blade Ice Spear Armor of Mist Shatterstone Blurred Vision Optional Optional Optional

Strategy: Damage output is moderate but shouldn't be a problem for most builds, except for perhaps Blurred Vision on someone with no Hex removal. Doesn't seem to have a self-heal either. Anything like Backfire makes a quick kill. Runs out of Energy quickly, so you can also win in attrition.

Warmaster Tydus

L20 R/? Burning Arrow

Distracting Shot Savage Shot Burning Arrow Screaming Shot Troll Unguent Apply Poison Optional Optional

Strategy: Tydus hits fairly hard, causes many Conditions, and interrupts like mad. However, any sort of defensive Stance or stuff should cripple his offense, and Troll Unguent alone shouldn't be able to out-heal you. Tydus doesn't use a Shortbow, so his Screaming Shot won't cause Bleeding sometimes...though now it seems he will sometimes run into earshot range specifically to fix this.

Notes: In Pre-Searing Tydus was a Warrior; in Post-Searing Ascalon City, he seems to be a Ranger. This would seem to be a profession switch, but he does not seem to be W/R or even R/W.


L20 Rt/?

Destructive Was Glaive Channeled Strike Soothing Memories Renewing Surge Vengeful Weapon Optional Optional Optional

Strategy: Xandra uses a basic Channeling Magic build, but also has fair Healing capabilities. Neither of her Healing skills are easy to interrupt, too. Rangers might have some trouble out-damaging her without placing their own lives in danger. So, be sure to bring an IAS or some strong offense to counteract the generally lower damage of a Bow. Or just take a good self-heal. It takes a while for her to run out of Energy, but if she does nothing but spam Vengeful Weapon that is a sign she is low.

Notes: Xandra will be recruited as a Hero after you defeat her.

Zho and Onyx

L20 R/W Thumper, L20 R/? Black Moa

Disrupting Lunge Charm Animal Troll Unguent Counter Blow Rampage as One Comfort Animal Optional Optional

Strategy: None needed, Onyx deals low damage. In most cases it's safer to ignore the pet entirely and go after Zho, especially since she will resurrect Onyx if he is killed. Even with RaO she does not deal too much damage, and Troll Unguent isn't a great self-heal for her since she has to be in melee range. The only possible problem is if Disrupting Lunge disables a critical skill for you.

Notes: It's ironic that Onyx is a Black Moa, since Zho lost her eye to a Black Moa. Though with the official release, all is explained in Zho's Journal, which you will receive after defeating her.

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