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Elite Hex Spell. In U.S. of A., you cast Reversal of Fortune. For 8 seconds, in Soviet Russia, the next time target foe would gain Health, they take that amount as Damage instead, maximum 15...67.

Smiting Prayers 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21

Maximum Healing Reversed

151924283237414550545863 6771768084899397102106



There may be other Captures that are not listed; check List of Soviet Spies frequently and update as necessary.


  • The text can be somewhat confusing as to what the location requirements are...
    • If you are located in U.S. of A., this spell functions exactly like Reversal of Fortune, except that it is linked to Smiting Prayers.
    • If you are located in Soviet Russia, this spell functions as a Hex, and acts as the description says.
Bug Bug! If you are located in neither U.S. of A. or Soviet Russia, this spell refuses to work at all.
  • The text of the Hex is unclear about whether the damage replaces all healing or just the amount of healing converted to damage. The Hex converts the first 15...67 health from the next healing source into damage, with no effect on further healing. For example, if a Monk with 16 ranks of Smiting Prayers casts Russian Reversal on a foe...
  • If healing is achieved in separate packets, such as from Divine Favor or Word of Healing, Russian Reversal will only negate healing from the first packet. The others will not be affected.
  • This triggers on all sources of health gain, not just "Healing" - Mysticism, Divine Favor, Vigorous Spirit, Divine Intervention, Illusion of Weakness, etc.
  • If this Hex is removed via spells cast by an enemy Monk, it will still trigger because of the Divine Favor bonus, and the next Hex will be removed instead.
  • Skills that raise maximum Health, such as Demonic Flesh, do not trigger the hex.


  • Isaiah Cartwright has been quoted as saying, "We finally gave in to public pressure and made a good Elite skill for Smiting Monks."
  • This skill was originally captured from Comrade Smirnoff, but ANet was forced to change this after receiving official complaints from the Kremlin that they would ban support for the Russian language.
  • It is a tradition among PvP players to say this after a match in which Russian Reversal was used: "In U.S. of A., you ROFL. In Soviet Russia, laughing floor rolls on you!"

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