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Male.png / AMAP
  • Location
Viña del Mar, Chile
  • Language
Spanish, English.
  • Occupation
Wikiholic / Psychology Student



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This user works for both GuildWiki and Guild Wars Wiki
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es-N This user is able to contribute with a native level of Spanish.
Este usuario puede contribuir con un nivel nativo de Español.
en-3 This user is able to contribute with an advanced level of English.
Europe 70x40.png This user plays for the territory of Europe.
1 This user plays Campaign One,
Guild Wars Prophecies.
2 This user plays Campaign Two, Guild Wars Factions.
3 This user plays Campaign Three, Guild Wars Nightfall.

This user is primarily a PvE player.

Faction (Kurzick).jpg This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.
Ereanorsign.jpg? This user often forgets to sign his comments on talk pages.
Panic.jpg Wikicode panics this user.
Ghostmirror Light.jpg This user makes edits so fast it seems like there's two of him.
Tapestry Shred.jpg This user creates Prophecies characters to farm the Tapestry Shred for GW:EN.
Shame.jpg This user talks to himself.
Entropy Sig.jpg This user lives on Entropy's talk page.
Weird This user knows where the weirdest discussions on GuildWiki are.
EreanorBond.jpg Error 007
From Anet with love.
No Rez Icon.jpg This user doesn't carry any resurrection skills in PvE.
QuestIconThumb.png This user supports Blastedt's userbox campaign and will not use his numerous userboxes (301 to be exact).
Entrooper icon.jpg Entrooper
This user is a member of the Entropy's Talkpage Spamming Krewe.
File:Firefox pwns ie.png This user thinks that Firefox PWNS Internet Explorer.
No Selfheal Icon.jpg This user doesn't carry any self-healing skills in PvE.
Aura of Faith.jpg This user trusts his monks.
Jorafanc.jpg Member of the Jora Fan Club. Hot Viking Chick...Duh!!!
Gwenbox.jpg This user is a member of the Gwen Fan Club. All grown up and cute!
45pxx49px This user donated items for Entropy's Wishlist.
Minor edit user.jpg This user's Minor Edit button is glued to the ground.
Spirit of Failure.jpg Warning! This user is a Wikinoob and thus makes far too many minor edits due to abuse of the Trial and error method when Wikicoding.
Caerbannog Blessing.jpg This user won Cat 2 of Cobalt's Skill Contest.
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