Welcome to my page on this wiki - I tend to keep my official wiki page much more up-to-date, but decided this one needed an update in a bad way. I'm a longtime Guild Wars veteran; I started playing during E3 for everyone event (in 2004) and aside from a couple of long breaks (totaling about 8 months) have been pretty much playing nonstop. When I last updated this page, I was still hero fast faction farming, so it was pretty far out of date. I finished that probably within a month of editing this page last and have finished both Luxon and Kurzick titles.


False Prophet (Mo) - 15 titles maxed
Milly Dew (E) - 34 titles maxed
Gwen Hur (W)
Steel Bjorn (A) - a horrible, horrible phonetic pun - farming ectos is his life now...
Brimstone Bill (Me - PvP/packrat) - no pun, needed to create quickly
Dream Queen (Me/Mo) - ~10 titles maxed including survivor Koald Wind (R) - I still hate bow rangers (their damage output bites), but pet rangers are OK since the buff ? - mysterious PvP char. This also was my former Dervish slot. I have all or nearly all skills unlocked now, so I usually throw a character together by need.

minor characters - mostly my wife's characters, and all being used as mules:
Saj Wintersong (N)
Saja Adina (Rt)
Kalara the Raven (D)
Jas Sandwalker (P) - actually my character name (a joke on her mis-spelling - Saj was supposed to be Saja, and Jasa didn't really work). I'm not a huge fan of buff/debuff roles, so this char doesn't really get played much.

I also have a pre-searing necro now, which I was going to use to do legendary defender, but I don't need it for GW2, so I've pretty much given up on that char.


Since the E3 for Everyone weekend I have run a monk named False Prophet. It started as a joke idea before I really understood how the game was played. I decided a Mo/Ne or Ne/Mo would be a good false prophet. At the time I thought it was pretty novel, but the novelty eventually wore off. False has completed all missions and bonuses for Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall in normal and hard mode.

My second oldest character (make that my oldest, since I recreated False as a Mo/N about 2 weeks into the game), an Elementalist named Milly Dew, has about 100 million exp and is a God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals. She used to be used heavily for farming, but I've been leaning 'sin for farming lately.

My general character naming tradition is bad puns, I also have Steel Bjorn (ok, REALLY bad puns, since I'm punning stillborn) and Gwen Hur. Gwen is a survival character, but she's very neglected these days. After I failed Survival for about the fourth time and was pissed because I made it to L19 twice (in factions I got L1-15 down to a 3 hour art), so I decided I was going to play Ben Hur (look up the plot of Ben Hur if you don't get the joke), but it was obviously taken long ago, so I ended up with Ben's twin sister Gwen Hur.

The rest of the non-PVP characters on my account were (mostly) created by my wife and she has been officially retired from GW for 2 if not 3 years(Jas Sandwalker was created by me as a joke on her char Saj Wintersong, but I've never really played her much).


I've captured every skill in the game on someone, and Milly has most.

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