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Stop Hand

DISCLAIMER: The following user page was created with lack of initiative.
Although it has yet to be proven, it is believed that by viewing this page your chances of boredom increase exponentially.

Dash This user can run a sub 4:25 mile
Godspeed This user can run a sub 9:30 2-mile
Featherfoot Grace This user ran a 15:23 5k with a stress fracture

Anthem of Fury This user has an undefeated kick in any distance over 1600m.
"You're All Alone!" This user has more miles under his feet than hours spent playing GW.
Burning Speed This user wishes he was Kenyan.

Renew Life This user loves playing as Monk.
Aria of Restoration This user is an Elitist.
Withdraw Hexes This user helped a newb, once.

Selfless Spirit This user was involved in the THK monk protest.
Gr Zealous Benediction This user refuses to run ZB and doesn't take ZB 'monks' seriously.
Balthazar's Spirit This user believes it is not the build that makes a player good, but the skill used with the build.
Vampirism How is icon art inspired again? (Awkward...)
Flask of Firewater This user supports hard work and will never beg.
Armbrace of Truth This user just accept all donations, just some are more appreciated than others. Feeling generous?


Clearly, People Know Me. Just got the title to reflect this accordingly.

My Builds

PaHWar This is my build for uber W/Mo pwnage in the RA, check it out.
Unyielding Fun Legendary, the only word that can describe it...
Frenzy Smite!!! 'The Next Generation of Smiting... '


Cast1 Cast2

Account One (Main - Prophecies, Factions, & Nightfall)
* Denotes a maxed title.
»»Charmed (1)
»»Hapless (1)
»»Mighty Gladiator (3)

With Love For You - Level 20 Monk/X
»»People Know Me (2)
»»Legendary Survivor (3*)
»»Legendary Skill Hunter (1*)
»»Adept Treasure Hunter (2)
»»Seeker of Wisdom (1)
»»Protector of Tyria (1*)
»»Tyrian Explorer (60%)
»»Tyrian Skill Hunter (1*)
»»Protector of Cantha (1*)
»»Canthan Grandmaster Cartographer (100%*)
»»Canthan Skill Hunter (1*)
»»Protector of Elona (1*)
»»Elonian Pathfinder (70%)
»»Elonian Skill Hunter (1*)
»»Legendary Spearmarshal (10*)
»»Brave Lightbringer (3)

Nyvrin Synaph - Level 20 Ranger/X
»»Tyrian Grandmaster Cartographer (100%)
»»Canthan Grandmaster Cartographer (100%)
»»Protector of Tyria (1)
»»Protector of Cantha (1)
»»Adept Treasure Hunter (2)
»»Collector of Wisdom (2)

Pet Elder Monkey - Level 20 Mo/W (PvP only)

Im Really A Monk - Level 20 Me/X (PvP only)

Justice Synaph - Level 20 E/X

Alix Synaph - Level 18 Rt/Nr

Account Two (Secondary - Prophecies & Factions)

Convaras Bloodskorn - Level 20 N/X

Thrannik Bloodskorn - Level 20 A/X

Dennick Bloodskorn - Level 20 W/X

Helpful Links

The Ranger's Beacon This is a great resource for any new ranger complete featuring a forum, guides and builds (PvE & PvP),

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