Book of Guild Wars Records

Book Rules:

  • Do not edit this book without permission (ask Fighterbitsj for permission)
  • These records are the only ones I know.

How to get in the book

If you have a record and you want to be in the RecordBook take the following steps:

  • Leave a Post on the talkpage, Screenshot(use 50px) -which record broken/started - name of the person that broke/started the record.
  • Wait for me to ad the record.
  • Enjoy.

Guild Wars Records

Siege damage Record (8.000 damage)


Done by: user:Fighterbitsj

Lowest lvl Character to finish the Prophecies Campaign (also did Factions and NF, but pics are too big)

Drudic Warwick 1.jpg

Done by: user:Warwick

Best Infuse (+20667)

Best infuse period.jpg

Done by: user:Vipermagi & user:Progger

Guild Wiki Records

2 Archives in 4 Hours

Two archives, 4 hours.jpg

Done by: user:Marcopolo47

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