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Hi, I'm Fleshcrawler Soban. I have been playing GW for more than 2 years now and i thought it was time to create a wiki account. I share my GW account with my brother(younger, but bigger), who owns the Assassin, a Necro and a Monk. I'm using the Dervish, Paragon and the Ele. When all the binding rituals got buffed so hard we decided to make a ritualist, which we own both. The last slot is, of course, for a pvp char.

Sharing an account can be a bit of a problem, because I'm not living with my parents anymore and he does, so how do you know you can log in safely without kicking the other one? Or what do you do with zkeys, traver gifts or other account-based things? But it's also nice that there are two main characters and we never fight, so everything works fine.

So what will I be changing in this wiki? I won't do major changes, for editing stuff is far too complicated for me. However, I'll try to be useful when it comes to adding notes and making small changes. I heard everything can be reverted by another wiki user so I can't really screw up :)

One more thing, I'm Dutch so English is not my native language. Feel free, of course, to correct me on spelling and typo's.

Guild Wars Characters

Account titles:

  • Savior of the Kurzicks (12) (10,243,000)
  • Defender of the Luxons (6) (2,090,000)
  • Adept Treasure Hunter (2) (493)
  • Devourer of Wisdom (4) (1285)
  • Hapless (1) (5856)
  • Zaishen (3) (1010)

Dervish-icon-small Fleshcrawler Soban

Character-Fleshcrawler Soban

Assassin-icon-small Lythis Fleshblade

Character-Lythis Fleshblade

Paragon-icon-small Elia Shieldbreaker

Character-Elia Shieldbreaker

Elementalist-icon-small Soulguardian Zymeth

Character-Soulguardian Zymeth

Monk-icon-small Meneer Snor

Character-Meneer Snor

Ritualist-icon-small Ivy Shadowseer

Character-Ivy Shadowseer

Necromancer-icon-small May Shadoweater

Character-May Shadoweater

NA-icon-small This Is Kak

Character-This Is Kak

To-do list

I now play 5 characters and I wish I could play them all at the same time. But I've got so many things I wanna do that I don't know what to do anymore...That's why I made a To-do list for my chars:

The dervish

  • Turn in a Hero's Handbook(NM) to get vanguard rank up
  • Max north title track by vanquishing(also for vanguard rank)(21 max titles)
  • When at 100k vanguard, turn in the already filled Master Dungeon Guide(HM)(22 max titles)
  • Get the last few deldrimor points by doing something that gives deldrimor points, obviously (23 max titles)
  • Getting max sweet tooth(that'll take long..)
  • Vanquish while being drunk...

The elementalist

  • Trying to make my way through props without falling asleep
  • getting prot titles
  • farm consumables at weekends

The paragon

  • Fill Hero's Handbook(HM)
  • Decide where to turn in a Hero's Handbook(HM)
  • Get Racway(weapons/runes)
  • Go through props, again without falling asleep
  • Do props HM without comitting suicide

The ritualist

  • Go through NF
  • Do an elite area as a Spirit Spammer
  • Go through Factions
  • Get Elite Luxon armor
  • Go through EotN

The necro

  • Get livia
  • Vizunah Square
  • Napui Quarter
  • Get elite animate flesh golem
  • Rampage through Factions
  • Get SS
  • Slaughter my way through EotN/NF


Shame This user thinks wiki-editing is complicated.
"Fear Me!" And it's quite frustrating
No Shadow Form This user hated permasins
Dark Escape But still used them by letting them run HM dungeons
Ursan Blessing But SF was nerfed :)
Ward Against Foes This user hates heroes kiting out of a ward, while it could've saved their lives
OMG COME HERE! This user actually hates every form of kiting.
Defy Pain Because if you take damage, you should take it manly
KAK! This user likes to 'swear' with kak.
Cry of Frustration KAK!
Ray of Judgment IMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR!!
"They're on Fire!" "Look at that burning Nigger!"
Arcane Zeal This is a reference to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Featherfoot Grace Red Bull gives you wings!
Unseen Fury That's why you should never play with nuclear waste
Cacophony That's why you never eat spiderwebs. Ulcerous Lungs
Winter's Embrace In Soviet Russia, snowman makes you!
Frenzy You kill your foe 33% faster, but you kill yourself 100% faster
"Make Haste!" This user never has the patience to sell/buy items for the normal price.
GW2 This user will definitely play Guild Wars 2.
Spirit of Failure But he first needs a computer to play it on.
Spacer Lightning Touch
Vile Touch Spacer And God created Man.


  • Thanks to this page I can display my characters here and thanks to Chibi Moon Shadow I know how to use it ^^
  • If anyone of you thinks "Why is his pet named keepvogel?", then i'd have to say: you have to be dutch to understand that. But this is keepvogel.
  • Kak is a dutch word, mostly used as a funny replacement for poo. Some people, however, use it as a replacement for swearing words, as it sounds powerful.
  • NOTE: with the userbox about "They're on Fire!" I don't want to offend anyone. It's a joke.
  • The 'God created man' was supposed to be a userbox, but I can't put that into a userbox. Wiki-editing is hard.
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