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Guild Wars Characters

Primary Account:

Account titles:

Account faction:

  • Balthazar: 1.55M
  • Kurzick: 4.85M
  • Luxon: 303K

Monk-icon-small Secsi Franzwald

Character-Secsi Franzwald

Necromancer-icon-small Kurt Franzwald

Character-Kurt Franzwald

Warrior-icon-small Konrad Franzwald

Character-Konrad Franzwald

Ranger-icon-small Karina Franzwald

Character-Karina Franzwald

Ritualist-icon-small Karl Franzwald

Character-Karl Franzwald

Dervish-icon-small Baka Lakka Dakka

Character-Baka Lakka Dakka

Elementalist-icon-small Dank Nukem

Character-Dank Nukem

Paragon-icon-small Chester The Molster

Character-Chester The Molster

Assassin-icon-small The Beezmatron


NA-icon-small Yer Favourite Hoser


Personal Builds

All my old builds have been nerfed so I just wiki shit...lethargy ftw.

Wish List

  • Dye storage: free up 11 slots in everyone's inventory without any hindrance on the economy. Could even be implemented similarly to material storage.
  • Armor storage: Per character, for those of us who like to have 3-4 sets of armor on our PvE (or even PvP) chars, and don't like using every slot of inventory space to do so. Sorta implemented by Equipment Packs.
  • Character-switch button.
  • More efficient selling system (auction house, anyone?)
  • Character (and perhaps account) age listing on login screen.
  • Ability to store builds and armor sets.
  • Smarter henchman; heroes are a good start but you're only allowed 3 of them.
  • Fix mission ally NPC behavior so as they do not stick themselves in the middle of the fray when they are about to die and lose the mission for the team (good example: Togo on Sujiang District).
  • A /time command so we can know when things (i.e. events) will start, according to the GW servers.



  • Ruricu for inspiring the character layout.
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