Hi I'm Alcedo, the bird. IRC: GW-Alc

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Monk-icon-small.png Priestess Caroline - My Main, redone way back due to my attempts to make new chars. Done Nightfall and Factions. On Proph now. Favored elite is this. Wears White Elite Canthan <3.


Dervish-icon-small.png Talonmarshal Larsei - Was my Main before Kari (ahem... Caroline :) ), appr. one year old. Completed all campaigns. A Lyssa Radiant Reaper. Sometimes uses Wounding Strike. Has all special pets in his Hall of Monuments! *is proud and happy* Wears Surf Green Norn Armor.


Paragon-icon-small.png Snowy Angelfeather - Inspired by Christian religion. Heh. Completed Factions and Nightfall, albeit she was around 5 months old. Best used with Cruel Spear , Stunning Strike and sometimes Defensive Anthem and the good ol' healchant. Retired, decided to make her a legend. R.I.P.

Skills: (last known)

Assassin-icon-small.png Wayne Roamerclaw - My Assassin for farming greens and anything else I can think of. Mostly greed drove me to make him. I use Palm Strike or Way of the Assassin. Shadow Form for farming... oh yes... green items... /drool Wears Ancient Armor. Yass. XD

Skills: (creative, I know -_-)

Warrior-icon-small.png Halcyon Charrghost - Name is a pun for the two things I like. Birds and Charr. Snaring, spiking, knocking, you name it. Prophecies done. Wears Silver Templar Armor. Has a Deldrimor Sword, a Sephis Axe and a Forgotten Hammer


OR (PvE Only, NOTE: This is a synergy build and serves a defensive role.)



Ranger-icon-small.png The Pickering Harpy - Another avian. Now officially a Survivor. Fear him, for he shall scorch, concuss, and most of all CRIPSHOT OR MELSHOT YOU ALL IN AB! Wears standard teal Tyrian armor. Plan to get Elite Sunspear Armor. Doing Factions. His pet is called Swifty, inspired by the Incredible Warrior; a White Moa.




'MELSHOT' (don't have it yet)


My Activity

I am reduced to spend days in Aspenwood, farming Amber+Zkeys and selling them. No goals. Just cash. Yes, I'm a broken man. :(

Notes to self

  1. Befriend The Falling One.
  2. Befriend El Nazgir.
  3.  PLEASE Master WikiCode!
  4. Finish the RPG.
  5. Socialize with other, uber users.
  6. Practice makes perfect.
  7. *BONUS* Create a formidable Signature.
  8. *BONUS* Rest your head.
  9. *BONUS* BOB!
  10. *BONUS* There is no spoon.


Let me tell you, I am a roleplayer. Not only in games. I make stories. (-Alc)

To blend into the team, that was his goal. To make hearts light, that was his will. (-Narrator of My Life)

Note: Every third quote is an idle quote.

"Need heals? I'm your girl." (-Kari)
"For the Light! Oh... who am I kidding." (-Kari)
"I like a good battle, but only if you people can convince others to stay away from me. How? Well... just fight! How do you fight? Uh... aren't you supposed to know that? Why should I know everything?" (-Kari)
"For Dwayna's grace!" (-Kari)
"You're in need of some serious treatment, mister..." (-Kari)
"No, don't look at me like that. I have a husband." (-Kari)
"Slam-a-bam!" (-Kari)
"I've got an itchy infuser finger!" (-Kari)
"Men and ladies, prepare to be astounded, bedazzled and otherwise stupified! It's me, your good old house monk!" (-Kari)

"This isn't a talon. Well, it's the next best thing. Better than a blade, you know." (-Larsei)
"I will reap you!" (-Larsei)
"No rest for the wicked! I want to reap some guilty souls!" (-Larsei)
"I will not be defeated! I will die another day!" (-Larsei)
"For the Talon Order!" (-Larsei)
"I need some peace and quiet. I'm contemplating my days of ominous glory. I'll get to the top one day, you know." (-Larsei)
"This is what I call the Grim Reaper's Sprint!" (-Larsei)
"Did you cut my friend with that blade? Let me just fix that." (-Larsei)
"Bored." (-Larsei)

"Rawr!" (-Halcyon)
"For the record, run for your life." (-Halcyon)
"You were saying?" (-Halcyon)
"I need no fear to make me stronger. You already look weak!" (-Halcyon)
"Imagine this blade through your body!" (-Halcyon)
"I usually leave the thinking to the next best person. That doesn't mean I cant think myself. Trust me, I'm the best when it comes to hunting Charr." (-Halcyon)
"I'm no Goren, but here goes something!" (-Halcyon)
"Heave Ho!" (-Halcyon)
"So tell me now, if this ain't Sacnoth Valley, then how do we get out? 'Cause I don't know." (-Halcyon)

"I'm nothing like Kihm or Herta. Believe it!" (-Snowy)
"Look! My spear flies, and you won't see it coming! Don't bother to look..." (-Snowy)
"Always remember, go for the eyes! Oh... right...this wasn't the skill... I just said that. Still, always go for the eyes! Or the head!" (-Snowy)
"You remind me, that it's not so bad..." (-Snowy)
"Need more friends with wings? Count me out!" (-Snowy)
"It's just one of those days, when I don't want to wake up. Everything is toppled, everybody faults. I don't really know why, but I want to justify, ripping someone's head off. I'm a poet, and didn't even know it!" (-Snowy)
"Some say I've got issues. Ask yourself, don't you?" (-Snowy)
"Take them down!" (-Snowy)
"This isn't real blood on the battlefield! It's just glucose syrup. If you'd reach into a dead critter's head, lick off the blood from your hand, you'd say - oh yeah, it's just props! It really isn't real blood!" (-Snowy)

"Right about now... my dagger's thirsty... check it out now... my dagger's thirsty!" (-Wayne)
"It is payday." (-Wayne)
"Achoo! I'm allergic to pitiful beings. You must go. Sorry. Take me to the next worst person, and I'll forget your aura of punity. Maybe..." (-Wayne)
"People like you just fuel my fire!" (-Wayne)
"Waste the squishy one, buddy!" (-Wayne)
"Nobody said it was easy... but no one ever said it would be so boring..." (-Wayne)
"Soon I'll make you come in peace...es." (-Wayne)
"Blade, dance!" (-Wayne)
"If it weren't for these daggers, I'd be a maritime brawler, you know." (-Wayne)

"Kiss these fists. Kiss 'em!" (-Harpy)
"Oh, you're taking me for a Corsair? I'm worse!" (-Harpy)
"Ah, shoot! I forgot Swifty's food. I'll just have to feed some rabid plants to him. Poor thing, this will go rough on him. Can you imagine how slowly Moas digest such utter parts?" (-Harpy)
"An arrow a day keeps the enemies away." (-Harpy)
"Arr! Shiver me timbers! Thrill at last!" (-Harpy)
"Hey, why so serious? Let's put a smile on that face!" (-Harpy)
"Some call me Three Dog. Aaa-oooooo!" (-Harpy)
"Hey, don't budge! This arrow flies very slowly!" (-Harpy)
"Terrible. Terrible. Every time I wake up I see two things: Swifty licking my face and chirping proudly, and your uncanny, indistinguishable and corsair-detesting face. Because everbody hates their neighbourhood Corsair. Terrible." (-Harpy)

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