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August - 2020
21:55 UTC

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UR!! It is against my religion to use prper grammar.
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u got this far?! If you read all of these userboxes you have no life.
Niclole richie "Hey look its Nicole Richie!"~Peter,EPIC MOVIE.



This user loves cheese.
If you want his cheese, you will have to challenge him in native Antartican cinder block wrestling.

All about me...

Wikistress3D NoPants v3

My WikiStress

  • Alias: Asmo
  • Level: 13
  • Territory
North America 70x40 This user plays for the territory of North America.
  • Guild: Elite Player Killer Killers [EPKK]
  • Hobbies: Videogames, Airsoft, Paintball
  • Allignment
Faction (Kurzick) This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.
  • <3s gw

Ok, i have a very cramped and interesting life. But it is hard to balance it between GW school and many sports.But as u can see for yourself im doing a nice job at it



Asmodius on guildwiki



ShurikenTemplateSKWOGJt katana



Guild Wars Characters

Warrior-icon-smallNA-icon-smallAsmodius Ur Warrior-icon-smallNA-icon-small

Asmodius Ur
Asmodius character

Asmodius Ur

Asmodius is super crazy with his pwnage 15k armor. You might be thinking that he only has one set, you can triple that. Asmodius has every pair of 15k armor one would want. Also, Asmodius' build pretty much kills anything in his way in two hits. If you see a character named Asmodius Ur roaming around Guild Wars, don't pick a fight just to save yourself.

Ok, Asmodius is my main, i am on him all the time mainly because he's awesome and i love to play warrior, but you will also find me a lot on my necro because i plan to do a lot more on him from now on.

Achevements of Asmodius:

Asmodius's Build(sword)

Thrill of Victory Sever Artery Galrath Slash Final Thrust Grenth&#039;s Balance Plague Touch Healing Signet Frenzy


Thrill of Victory Lacerating Chop Furious Axe Penetrating Blow Cyclone Axe Healing Signet Grenth&#039;s Balance Frenzy

Necromancer-icon-smallNA-icon-smallXyon FearsNecromancer-icon-smallNA-icon-small

Xyon Fears

Level 20:
Xyon is a Pwnage blood spike/degen necromancer and on occasion, a secret 55 nec that can pro solo UW.

ok,im sure you are all wondering "A SOLO UW FARMER?!?!" but take my word my friends have seen me do it and it can be done for build contact me from my ign-Xyon you can see i will not be posting this on wiki because i do not want it all over the net for reasons of great importants a.k.a. dont want farming to influance the ectos market. I do a lot of dealings with ectos so thats why.


Xyon Fears

Deathly Swarm Bitter Chill Animate Bone Fiend Animate Flesh Golem Verata&#039;s Sacrifice Blood of the Master Healing Breeze Rebirth

Blood is Power Blood Renewal Well of Blood Consume Corpse Well of Suffering Optional Optional Resurrection Signet

Awaken the Blood Arcane Echo Spiteful Spirit Reckless Haste Enfeebling Blood Spinal Shivers Blood Ritual Resurrection Signet



  • Hoard more items.
  • Sell hoarded items.

Interesting facts:

  • Can flawlessly solo uw to farm ectos
  • very strong necro every 15k pair
  • competitive

Monk-icon-smallNA-icon-smallRott KengoMonk-icon-smallNA-icon-small

Rott Kengo
Rott Kengo

Rott Kengo

...ok this is my 55 monk...i hate him...he looks cool totaly not worth making him NUFF SAID get a build... go kill trolls

i do not enjoy 55ing but i hope to switch him to a regular prot/bond monk ASAP these are dreams... probly never come true, but if i wake up one day to find that he changed into a pro prot/bonder i'd be just okay with that. =P

Shield of Judgment Blessed Signet Bonetti&#039;s Defense Sprint Essence Bond Balthazar&#039;s Spirit Protective Bond Mending

55 monk Guide


Armor - Full tatoo set for the mana increase. A MUST. More mana = more life in this case. As for the type of head tat get the smiting one.

Weapons - Any kind of enchant mod is welcome but not needed. And of course the -50 hp cesta


Ok. This is really hard and easy to screw up. Cast enchantments 5 - 8. Done. Use Blessed signet until your energy is full. Hope this doesnt confuse ppl. ^^

Now that you have your enchants on...let me explain how they work considering that your probably looking at prot bond and thinking to yourself, "Ya %5 dmg is great but you lose energy and it disappears. what the heck" WRONG. True you lose 3 energy every hit with it on but consider balths and essence bond. Thats +2 for every -3. So more or less -1 energy per hit. Again you ask how do I prevent myself from losing all energy. Easy. Bonnetties defence. Ok...your starting to see how this works now. Lets go through an example farm run just to make sure you get it.

TROLLS - outside droks

You zone in, cast your enchants and heal your energy. Ok run to the cave and sprint past avicara. At the cave heal the energy you lost from avicara. Run in aggro all the trolls. ALL THE TROLLS, including bosses. Then pick a lucky troll and start attacking him. This allows your bonnettis to recharge faster. As soon as bonnetties gets full cast it quickly followed by Sheild of Judgement. Now you need to watch your energy. As soon as it hits round 10 cast bonnetties. Repeat untill Soj wears off. Then spam bonnetties until Soj is back and recast SoJ while casting bonnetties when your energy is low. Woila. Uber tanking with good dmg output. Usually takes 2 casts for trolls and griffions. With spell breaker this build is invicible. You could literally sit for hours watching 30 mobs attack you in vain.

Much of the credit for this build goes to my friend mwpeck aka Crimson The Healer for turning me on to the idea of using Protective Bond on a 55 build.


  • Kill trolls...
  • ...that makes me feel good kuz their stupid...


Dervish-icon-smallMonk-icon-smallDeath Comes TonightDervish-icon-smallMonk-icon-small

Death Comes Tonight

Death Comes Tonight is the best dervish you will ever see super powerful and will pwn u in any dark ally he meets you in. Weilding Mhedi's Vow an amazing dervish scythe and with the coolest armor in my opnion for dervishes.This is his very sucsessfull build.

I loooove my dervish. He is awesome,but unfortunately i dislke the nightfall campaign very much so i plan to move him but not right now. hes awesome so awesome, that i got all of the avatars (including balths) at lvl 15!!


Death Comes Tonight

Reaper&#039;s Sweep Chilling Victory Rending Sweep Victorious Sweep Faithful Intervention Signet of Pious Light Vital Boon Mending

Eremite&#039;s Attack Reap Impurities Victorious Sweep Conviction Avatar of Balthazar Aura of Thorns Mirage Cloak Rebirth

what he does in free time:

  • Dance very badly
  • Farm very badly

Interesting facts:

Elementalist-icon-smallNA-icon-smallNoob The ScumElementalist-icon-smallNA-icon-small

Noob The Scum

Noob is my pwnage ele he'll eat u up and spit you out.Here is his build Alright, you will not find me on my ele a lot but on occasion i like to do a couple missions here and there. Im not to attatched to him so i dont like to do as much as i do with asmodius(everything) and he is not nearly as spoiled (weilding only a Wayward Wand and Lian's Lantern
Immolate Arcane Echo Mind Burn Rodgort&#039;s Invocation Fireball Conjure Phantasm Fire Storm Aura of Restoration

. To use- use Arcane Echo then Mind Burn then spam Mind Burn and Immolate using the other skills as u see fit to kill groups of ememies and indivisual enemies.

Immolate Fireball Phoenix Fire Storm Lava Font Healing Hands Healing Breeze Rebirth

Chain Lightning Lightning Surge Lightning Orb Lightning Strike Conjure Lightning Air Attunement Power Drain Inspired Enchantment
Noob The Scum

Okay, the art of using this elementalist is called nukeing its a common art. make your own build and experiment HAVE FUN

If you look at the site and find you would like to copy my build feel free to do so just because it is not my favorite character dosent mean catching the afflicted on fire isnt tons of fun.

Mesmer-icon-smallElementalist-icon-smallPower ButtonMesmer-icon-smallElementalist-icon-small

Power Button


Char Power button
Okay this build is primarilly for taking out casters, but it works well killing anything, heres how it works.
So you first cast echo then use energy surge, this will take away the casters energy and pretty much shut them down (this is awesome, espesially against monks)the shutting down makes the caster incapible of doing anything and makes them an easy kill for anyone in your party (even yourself) the combination of damage and shut down makes this build unstopable in random or team arenas gvg or HoH.

My Guild

-Elite Player Killer Killers [EpKK]
Guild Cape

[EpKK] guild cape

*My Status- Officer

*Currently Recruiting

*Guild leader-Naphel Of Soldier

About the recruiting, if anyone would like to join pm me i would be more than happe to give you an invite. dont be afraid to ask for anything.

Alright we need another ally to allign with we are a Kurzick guild so if you want to allign give me a pm thank you from [EpKK]

Important Links my page on userboxes

http://www.guildwarsguru.comauctions price checks and more! gwg auctions gwg areas gwg downloads skill

http://www.guildwars.comGW offical site skills for all profs buying gold is bad...but just in case your in a cramp and cant go farming for 10 hrs heres the link lotsa builds organize your build for petes sake gwg forums

Handy Pages


Very special thanks to friends and Defiant Elements (stole wikistress meter from him)and some other dudes whose names arent coming to me at the

Male Warrior Dance

Asmodius's campaign!

Asmodius&#039;scampaignpic This user supports the dont use asmodius's userboxes campaign.

<---Campaign Userbox

What you can do

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above is the text you enter into your page to get the box on the top of the page

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