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Tyria2Sword smI'm a PvE player, sometimes I do a little PvP but nothing much and never anything high ranking.
I love Hard Mode and Vanquishing. Hard2Sword sm
Elementalist-icon-smallI've played a lot as an elementalist and necromancer.Necromancer-icon-small
I used to monk but not so much recently.Monk-icon-small
I've got characters of most classes but I tend not to like melee.
I'm 22 Male-icon-smallmale, and I live in Australia, but I don't think it really matters.
I hate self analysis so you can figure out the rest yourself, though it may be hard seeing as I don't say a lot on the wiki.
Sometimes I collect Ingredients.
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Things to do

In no particular order:

  • No really, Moar Vanquishing
  • Clean up Quests in Elona
  • Infuse Naomi's and Ezekiel's Armour
  • Raise titles for Ezekiel
  • Set Up Naomi's Heroes
  • Get the (significant) heroes
  • Xandra, Olias, Master, Vekk, Zhed, Gwen.

Elementalist-icon Ezekiel Reborn

Perfected Titles


Titles in progress

*Account based titles


Ezekiel is my first character, and my main one. (spelt with a little e, much to my later annoyance).

Some Old Builds

Ash Blast Ebon Hawk Stoning Churning Earth Eruption Dragon's Stomp Elemental Attunement Earth Attunement

Lightning Javelin Shell Shock Enervating Charge Lightning Orb Blinding Flash Elemental Attunement Air Attunement Aura of Restoration

Edge of Extinction Frozen Soil Fire Attunement Aura of Restoration Flame Djinn's Haste Double Dragon Inferno Flame Burst

Arcane Echo Savannah Heat Breath of Fire Searing Heat Teinai's Heat Glyph of Sacrifice Meteor Shower Fire Attunement

Miniatures Oh God So Many:

--Ezekiel-- Ezekiel Reborn

Ezekiel Reborn

Tyrian Elementalist
Experience: 11,000,000+



  • Prophecies + Factions + Nightfall + Eye of the North
  • Started playing in May 2005
  • Character slots: 8/9 used
  • Pvp Character: Vae Valence
(E, N, Mo, R, Rt, W, D, A) (Missing Me, P)
  • Proud Supporter of the "Get Eccles Drunk" Fund
  • Member of the "Gdv"

Universal Titles

  • Gamer (587 gamer points)


(you won't find anything new here, just some of the old variants I have used)


Ezekiel's Captured Elites

  • Completed

Upgrade Unlocks

  • Completed

Rune Unlocks

  • Completed

Heroes Unlocks

  • Completed

Ignore this

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