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Aethyr Redmoon
He was my first character, as I fell in love with Rangers upon playing Guild Wars Beta. I enjoy serving as a protector via Earth magic and Interrupting foe's skills that would cause damage to begin with.
Burning Arrow Screaming Shot Distracting Shot Troll Unguent Apply Poison Ward Against Melee Ward Against Elements Resurrection Signet
Evan Litewind
Evan was my second character, after Aethyr. From the moment I tried him, I liked him, because I liked to help others out whenever possible. My only regret is that "Lite" should've been spelt "Light".
Orison of Healing Word of Healing Healing Breeze Healing Touch Dismiss Condition Inspired Hex Channeling Resurrection Chant

Cerist Elandria
She was my first female character, believe it or not... She isn't Assassin secondary yet, as she's still at the beginning of the desert, waiting on friends to be online to progress. I'm wanting to make her a "monk hunter" that does all she can to thwart monk foes.
Blood Bond Life Siphon Blood Ritual Blood Renewal Well of Blood Plague Touch Plague Sending Resurrection Signet
Renthir Avaris

Renthir was my first Factions character... I loved how the Ritualists act in battle--their motions are very funky and interesting to watch. I usually am Restoring or summoning Spirits with him.

Soothing Memories Spirit Light Recovery Recuperation Healing Spring Serpent's Quickness Generous Was Tsungrai Flesh of My Flesh

Autumn Snowsong

She was my second Faction's character, after Renthir. I've been reminiscent after the Diablo II Assassin's Fire/Lightning/Frost Claw attacks but most of all, Phoenix Strike, so out came Autumn! Though, its not like that at all, but I'm happy with her.

Jagged Strike Wild Strike Death Blossom Shadow Refuge Death's Retreat Armor of Mist Conjure Frost Resurrection Signet
Ova Rhienn
My Dervish "priestess" who oddly only uses her Monk secondary for its hard resurrect! I've been slowly waning away from Wind Prayers and into Earth Prayers. I'm hard-pressed to use the elite Forms over other elites I've captured.
Crippling Sweep Reaper's Sweep Chilling Victory Mystic Regeneration Mystic Twister Zealous Renewal Faithful Intervention Resurrect

Feather Harper
I did afterall change him to Ritualist secondary. I can say that it is working out well--I rarely have energy issues as long as a bring an adrenal shout or attack. He utilizes Weapon Spells, changing when needed. He's been great fun!
Spear of Lightning "Go for the Eyes!" Weapon of Fury Anthem of Flame Bloodsong "Fall Back!" Aggressive Refrain Signet of Return
PvP or Pre-Sear Slot
I have two remaining slots that usually fulfill various roles of: Random Arena characters, experiencing Pre-Searing all over again, and of course testing purposes. (By the way, these 8 skills represent my favored professions from left to right!)
Expert's Dexterity Reclaim Essence Scribe's Insight Defensive Anthem Glimmering Mark Arcane Zeal Signet of Illusions Plague Signet


  • If you wish to see what Elites I've captured, for whatever reason, go here!


I belong to Destination Unknown [DEST], a small guild of around 12 members of personal friends of friends of... friends. :)
But currently most are off playing World of Warcraft. A shame, really.
Followed by a Guild that would be an embarrassment to even be in... Explosive Diarrhea!
My friend, and guildmate, came up with this idea.
And no... this doesn't exist.. or, that I know of...? :)

Current Projects

My Sandbox

You might also want to check my sandbox for additional projects.

Current Interests

I'm nearing the end of of my college education; just 1 more week left until I graduate! After that, I can look forward to what the future may hold. :)

That includes some set-aside-time for experimental work on the GuildWiki comic, and long-promised work to a friend. I am thinking about commissioning hand-drawn (pencil) (or even Illustrated via Adobe Illustrator!) character portraits for other users. So, if you feel you would be interested, keep an eye out to see how I feel on the matter in two weeks time!
Update: Those of you interested can look at this particular piece I did. Its Evan, my monk, with modified tattoos!



About Me in Guild Wars

  • I get distracted easily, so if you happen to whisper me while in combat, I tend to reply as soon as possible, often irking teammates. :)
  • I also have a tendacy to do wrong things: whether its activating a "Do Not Touch" treasure when the area isn't secure or accidently activating a nearby group--I'm usually the one to blame for it! I think, I just get too excitable in the moment of things. :P
  • When I see Monks in towns, I always try to guess which secondary they have. My first guess is always Warrior, followed secondly by Mesmer. I'm usually amused when correct. I have a giant distaste for Warrior/Monks and Monk/Warriors. Unless, they prove they're not a cookie. :) Even though cookies... are.. yummy...
  • My current Favorite Skill is Burning Arrow. It is just so neat, and ever since capturing it on Aethyr, I find myself putting it on every Ranger hero I have!

Tips for Users

  • If you have Adobe Photoshop or PaintShop Pro, you should save the images you're going to upload as "web quality". :) It makes them a smaller file size and load quicker!
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