You're/Ur This user actually believes in a thing called grammar.
((Thanks Solus.))

What I do on GWiki.

Making Wikis easier to read and more useful, one conciseness and clarity edit at a time.

How I can help you!

Please feel free to petition me to revise or clarify any article that you feel is unclear or wordy in my Talk page. Thanks!

My edits are your edits.

Post anything I've written or edited. Plaster it on your wall as decor. I don't care - just let me know you've done it in my Talk.

My thoughts on maintaining respect for fellow contributors.

I'm growing increasingly frustrated with the blunt and vacuous edit explanations left for not just my own edits, but ones I've seen left for others, particularly notes left from people that are administrators/moderators. It will take you folks less time to leave a note saying, "This combination is impractical," than it is to leave a note saying, "Why don't you think for a second?" and its also significantly less rude. Comments and notes and suggestions are left by people, not by automatons. Perhaps, you should consider treating them like they are left by people for a moment.

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