Welcome to the Stormspire, home of Ineluki, the Stormking

I'm a german player who draws his highest motivation from creating and playing new builds. I have therefore reinvented the wheel ever since playing GuildWars. There is nothing i hate more, than picking up a common build to play it.

I play GuildWars since the E3 Alpha of the game and could never really quit. Juggling with skills and roles keeps me interested till this day.

What can you find on this page?

  • an overview of my characters
  • builds I have (re)invented

Have fun browsing & thx in advance for not editing here.

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Ineluki W1

Ineluki Stormking

The name comes from the novel "The Dragonbone Throne" by Tad Williams, which is on of my favorites. It means "here is wise speech"

Ineluki was formerly created to be a W/E with the conjuring spells series. This was during the beta. After ascension he was changed through every core class available. Lately I used him to run in every corner of Tyria; however, I got bored and stopped after reaching the 90%. The rest is just too much tiring work.

Now I'm bringing him through Elona for the skills and using him in PvP.

  • Titles:
    • Tyrian Master Cartographer (95.8%)
  • Missions:
    • Tyria (done)
    • Cantha (done)
    • Elona (Torment)
  • Preferences: Tactics
  • Secondaries:
    • Elementarist
    • Ranger
    • Ritualist
    • Monk
    • Paragon
  • Favorite Skill: Bull Strike










Misc Facts

  • Thanks to Foo for the Foobar Template!
  • Thanks also goes to everyone with an inspiring user page ;)
  • My friend Alwa just joined this wiki! :)
  • Character page can only be viewed with screen resolution of 1280*Y or higher.

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