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Hello and welcome to my little place in the Wiki! :) I am a contributor and admin on this wiki. I am grateful for all the good times and the amazing learning experience. Help the wiki grow and stay strong. Feel free to contact me through my in-game characters.

Guild Wars Character

Account Achievements:

Prophecies / Factions / Nightfall
Member and officer of The Kaizen Order [KaiZ]
Total age: 7,333 hours over 26 months.
Account titles:

  • Mighty Hero (Rank 3)
  • Bastion of the Kurzicks (9) (3,965,000 Faction transferred)
  • Prosperous (4) (870,700 tickets won)
  • Tragic (4) (72,175 games lost)

Warrior Saifuddeen Kenaani

Character-Saifuddeen Kenaani.jpg

Elementalist Lamees Ghaznawi

Character-Lamees Ghaznawi.jpg

Monk Transcendant One

Character-Transcendant One.jpg

Necromancer Kyle The Vile

Character-Kyle The Vile.jpg

Assassin Murjanah Reyhanah

Character-Murjanah Reyhanah.jpg

Ritualist Mean Was Joe Green

Character-Mean Was Joe Green.jpg

Ranger Yasmeen Halabi

Character-Yasmeen Halabi.jpg

Mesmer Esmeralda Vivana

Character-Esmeralda Vivana.jpg

Dervish Sheikh Ibrahim

Character-Sheikh Ibrahim.jpg

Paragon Nabeel O Neal


NA-icon-small.png Lamees Again


Guild & Alliance Life

Guild: The Kaizen Order
My guild is the Kaizen Order. It's a friendly guild of veteran players. The core founders were close in previous games and got hooked on Guild Wars early. I joined them in the summer, then departed as the guild was too small and the old guys were too close to each other to keep the others involved. As My experience in the game itself improved and my acquaintanced increased, I rejoined them and brought some friends with me.

I am an officer in the guild and I love to help the new guys out and keep pointing them here. We have some very skilled players and most of the guys I hang out with in the guild are amazingly mature and fun. It's like a senior citizen care center. :) Very few officers younger than 20.

Alliance: None
We parted ways with the HzH alliance after four months of faction farming. Maintaining high faction in the absence of purpose or competition felt a lot like a second job. So, we are free souls now. :) It was a pleasure to hold the house for so long and to be a part of the "good guys" approach (of no charging for ferries, no stealing guilds, ...). From LUST to oOo to EoE to TLS, I wanna thank everyone who ever teamed with us in that effort.

Real Life Character

  • Tarek:
Level: 30 :)
Territory: Egypt (living in the Seattle area)
Profession: Teacher/Software Developer specializing in low-level Windows programming.
PvE kinda person, likes Basketball, RPG games and Reading
The last remaining true Utah Jazz fan in the world. :)


Karlos the Bureaucrat
Brother Theophilus.JPG
Species: Human
Profession: Bureaucrat
Level(s): 30

Boss found in the northwestern area of the Wiki.

Skills Used:

Items Dropped:

Computer Games

I am a HUGE fan of two genres that are dying right now (but still produce amazing games): Adventure games and well storied RPG games. I enjoy questing and exploring and living the real game experience. I actually abhor much of the most popular elements of MMORPG culture like trading and dissing noobs and playing PvP to climb a ladder. :)

Favorite RPG games:

  1. The eternal masterpiece: Planescape: Torment
  2. The Baldur's Gate series, especially "Shadows of Amn."
  3. The Icewind Dale series.
  4. Neverwinter Nights (original and Hordes).
  5. I currently love the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series for its wonderful storytelling.

Favorite Adventure games:

  1. Sierra's old stuff, Space Quest, King's Quest and my most beloved: Hero's Quest.
  2. Gabriel Knight series, especially two.
  3. Lucas Arts' masterpieces: Monkey Island and Grim Fandango.

Favorite other games:

  1. Diablo and Diablo II for the storyline. If they would just sell the animations as a movie, I would buy it. :) (Ok, they do sell them as movies part of the collector's edition)
  2. Heroes of Might and Magic (2, 3 and 4). Hands down, the most addictive game I ever played. Heroes 4 had a masterful sound track.
  3. WarCraft and StarCraft for excellent storytelling.

I think that it is high time Hollywood made some of these amazing story lines into movies.

The Hall of Coolness

  • Coolest Game: Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn.
  • Coolest Story: PlaneScape: Torment, Gabriel Knight II: The Beast Within
  • Coolest Hero: Roger Wilco, Guybrush Threepwood
  • Coolest NPC: Zeratul, Ravel Puzzlewell
  • Coolest Villain: Jon Irenicus, Sarah Kerrigan, Trias the Betrayer, The Transcendant One, Captain Le Chuck
  • Coolest Henchman: Entire cast of Torment, Minsc (and Boo), Jolee Bindo, Jan Jensen with Anomen
  • Coolest Character Development: Neverwinter Nights with expansions.
  • Coolest Question: "Not your fault? Tell me, Marius... How is it not your fault?"
  • Special award: Most Annoying NPC: Cespinar from Throne of Bhaal
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