Elite Skill title track

Profession Core Prophecies Factions Nightfall
Monk Complete Complete Complete Complete
Necromancer Complete Complete Complete Complete
Mesmer Complete Complete Complete Complete
Warrior Complete 0/11 Complete 0/10
Elementalist Complete 0/10 1/10 4/10
Ranger Complete 0/10 Complete 1/10
Assassin NA NA Complete Complete
Ritualist NA NA Complete Complete
Paragon NA NA NA 0/15
Dervish NA NA NA 0/15

Random Build musings

The standard Ranger Spike, in all it's glory, ready and waiting for mass alterations

An odd Rainbowspike, based around Smiting Hammer warriors and Shatter Delusions for damage, using Arcane Languor and Equinox to extend the possible time for a spike to the point where even we should be able to do it, or sending the monks completely FUBAR

An even more potentially fatal build, based on a supposedly succesful TA build, extended to HA size. Likely only good for a few wins, but a conversion to TA is included, where it could prove highly effective.

A form of Ranger Spike altered to hopefully work in GvG, using Blinding Flash and Unseen Fury rather than the conventional Rigor Mortis to prevent blocking of the spike.

A Nightfall Minion Bomber using Jagged Bones to ensure the grenades don't run out in battle. Surprisingly hard to kill.

A Nightfall Ritualist build using Spirit's Strength and weapon spells in order to do huge damage per hit and keep themselves relatively well protected.

The inevitable assassin build based on Disrupting Accuracy and Way of the Assassin. NF again.

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