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Personal Info

Name: Adam
Age: 21
Alternately at:

  • The University of York, England: 3rd year of a 4-year Maths course.
  • Chester, England: Where my parents live.

Home Page: My user page at The Hawk Network (Coming Soon!)
Guild Wars Join Date: 17th December 2005.
GuildWiki Join Date: 10th January 2006.
Other Usernames:

Usual IPs:, - University of York.

Guild Wars Characters

Note to self: Update this with /age and /death stats...

Caractacus Burke (Name derived from Harry Potter)

Rabastan Lestrange (Name derived from Harry Potter)

Walden Macnair (Name derived from Harry Potter)

  • Type: Secondary character
  • Profession: N
  • Gender: Male
  • Level: 1
  • Regions completely explored (with all map markers): None
  • Zones explored in current region (Pre-Searing Ascalon):
  • Currently: Working towards getting a second profession (Monk)

Lestrange Pvp

  • Type: PvP Character
  • Profession: E/Me
  • Gender: Male
  • Level: 20

My Guild

My Guild is [BoK] Brotherhood of Kryta, in which I am a member. Our Guild Hall is Druid's Isle.

Why I love Pre-Searing

  • I love the way The Catacombs connects everything together.
    • I generally use The Barradin Estate as a base for journeys into the Catacombs, which me and my cousin often refer to as "The Barradin. The Barradin." We also manically sing "Firestarter" by the Prodigy whenever we see a Bandit Firestarter.
  • I love how you can go hunting Charr in the Northlands.
  • I love that little peaceful village in Wizard's Folly which you have to walk for ages to get to.
  • I love how much easier it is to make a living as a trader.
    • In the Post-Searing version of Ascalon City, quite often you type a message into the trade box, and other people are typing so much that it gets lost off the top of the screen in seconds. However in the pre-searing version there are less people and so this problem is lessened. Although there are areas in Post-Searing that have less people in, most traders tend to go to Ascalon City.
    • Especially new players are willing to buy items such as Iron Ingots, which are hard to find, but not hard enough that it makes it impossible.
  • I love how lush everything looks.

GW Access Dates

I'm at home at the moment for the Easter holidays, but when I return to uni, I won't have internet access for the term. Then I'm going on holiday for a while. This means that between the 23rd April and the 22nd July, I won't have access to Guild Wars, although I may be on occasionally while round at a friends house or home for the weekend.

Other stuff

I feel rather old for this community sometimes (I met a 12 year old boy the other day who'd lost his way).

What I'm into

TV: 24, Alias, The West Wing, Smallville, Murder One, The Girl From Tomorrow, Friends, Cold Feet, Green Wing, Peep Show, (and just getting into...) Firefly, Star Trek (esp TNG, DS9 and ENT), The New Adventures of Superman, One Tree Hill.
Films: The Last Samurai, LOTR, Star Wars, The Matrix, Scarface, The Godfather, many more...
Games: Quite a lot, but the main PC game I play (apart from Guild Wars) is Quake III Arena. I own a Gamecube and an N64, and like to play Mario Party and Soul Calibur, Zelda and various 3D platformers.
Beers: Kronenbourg Blanc, Carlsberg Export, Heineken, Caffreys, Guinness, Grolsch, Carling...


I haven't been active on this wiki for a very long time, most of the info above is out of date. But after hearing about the Official Guild Wars Wiki, I thought I'd better add the GFDL box to my user page, so any content I write on here can be migrated over there.

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