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Public Domain 40x40.gif This user releases her/his contributions into public domain (except those made to user namespace and talk namespaces).


de-N This user is able to contribute with a native level of German.
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ja-1 This user is able to contribute with a very basic level of Japanese.
fr-0 This user had French in school but wouldn't survive a day on his own in France.


Europe 70x40.png This user plays for the territory of Europe.
PvE This user likes PvE. Only a dead Charr is a good Charr.


Nogem.jpg This user supports the "don't use Gem's personal icons" campaign.
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Some random facts about MRA:

  • maybe the most "soloish" player who has ever played an MMORPG
  • has been playing Guild Wars since day one of its release ...
  • ... and has finished Prophecies Campaign not before the day Nightfall came out! (due to lack of time)
  • only active PvP experiences have been with the inevitable Ascalon Academy duel in Pre-Searing Ascalon and some snowball matches ...
  • ... although likes watching PvP through Observer Mode in his idle time
  • is currently playing Guild Wars Factions and Nightfall in parallel, but hasn't finished either, yet
  • hopes to finish Factions soon such that he can eventually start to play Jade Empire and Gothic 3
  • his characters live on european territory servers
  • IRL located in Paderborn, Germany
  • is hopelessly addicted to the whole WikiWikiWeb idea
  • clicks on Recent changes far too often

My mission here at GuildWiki

  • trying to provide some statistical backup (participants, fixtures, results, winners, etc.) for the official tournaments
  • providing a location box for each explorable area and giving each a nice panorama pic
  • categorizing, formatting, sorting, flagging, tagging, (un-)stubbing, ...
  • as well as lending a helping hand where I can