Hello all im Med a lvl 20 ranger/any and ritualist/ any both lvl 20 and just about fully equiped.

real life

My name is Robbert Jan im dutch and am 15 years old im currently 3rd years student with my best courses being chemistery and english. I like chess badminton and reading and i am a typical nerd for tht matter.

reasons for wiki

I've done alot of stuff in wiki and have seen alot and have always looked at the wiki as the pinacle of gw knowledge and i always wanted to be part of it but never had the guts to join here.


Medallion Bonito First born ^^ he was my first charr and is my best char. He's fully equiped with some nice stuff and builds and has used these builds:

R/N toucher {wiki} R/Mo tomb farmer {wiki} R/Mo pro runner {wiki} R/W pro runner {wiki}

I gotta go now

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