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Hello. I've been playing Guild Wars since July 2005. I own all three campaigns and have attained Protector titles in each of them.


My level 20 characters, presented from most experienced to least experienced:

Prof Name Birthplace Age Experience
Monk-icon-small Saint Aureus Tyria 8 months 2,400,000 xp
Necromancer-icon-small Psamathos Darkfiend Tyria 17 months 770,000 xp
Warrior-icon-small Pain Theorem Cantha 4 months 265,000 xp
Assassin-icon-small Gaara of the Turtle Cantha 7 months 220,000 xp
Ranger-icon-small Captain Kara Thrace Tyria 4 months 175,000 xp
Mesmer-icon-small Apis Mellifera Elona 2 months 170,000 xp
Elementalist-icon-small Baby Squidheart Tyria 16 months 160,000 xp

As you can see, Saint Aureus is now my primary character. I have played through all three campaigns with him and have thus become very experienced with monking. Saint Aureus can be seen modeling the Monk Primeval Armor:

File:Armor Mo Primeval M undyed Front.jpg

Psamathos was my first character during the original Prophecies missions. While he is my oldest character, I have not spent much time developing him since Factions except to play some new minion master builds. Here is an old screenshot dating from 16-July-2005:

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