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24/7 This user lives on GuildWiki.

This user plays both PvE & PvP.

en-4 This user is able to contribute with a near-native level of English.
UBC This user borrowed userboxes from Gem's Userbox Competition.
0Platinum.png ! This user is completely broke, but glad of what he bought!.
Hammer And Sickle.png In Soviet Russia, user boxes add you!
Hammer And Sickle.png There is no doubt, that this user is a Communist.
Vampiric Swarm.jpg Omg this user really messed up with his userboxes! help!
Wiki This user wishes to one day actually understand wiki code.
RT Thi user had his userboxes sorted by RT.Thanks!

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Thanks to Vega Underdark for the awesome elementalist icon!

User Vega Underdark Elementalist 40.png Riccardo Il Lucente User Vega Underdark Elementalist 40.png

  • Fierce Gladiator (2)
  • Unlucky (2)
  • Lucky (2)
  • Friend of the luxon (2)

  • Protector of Elona
  • Protector of Tyria
  • Protector of Cantha
  • Guardian of Elona
  • Guardian of Cantha
  • Guardian of Tyria
  • Legendary Guardian
  • Elonian Vanquisher
  • Elonian Granmaster Cartographer
  • Holy lightbringer
  • Legendary Spearmarshal
  • Elonian elite skill hunter
  • Tyrian elite skill hunter
  • Canthan elite skill hunter
  • Legendary SKill Hunter
  • I'm Very Important

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