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I hope to be on my way to becoming this
The Shadowed Blade

Hey, this is Shadowed. I have been playing Guild Wars since May, 2005 and ever since then GuildWiki has been my main source of information. I am currently the leader of a guild Shining, Fenix and I made called You Cannot Escape It You Are A [Wave], a PvP focused guild, mainly centering around guild battles and becoming overall better at the game. When GvGing, I have, in the past, played the role of Warrior under the name: The Shadowed Blade, which you can find more about below.

For the most part I enjoy mainly PvP nowadays although I have had a strong background in PvE as well. I recently just prepared my PvE warrior (pictured below & mentioned above) for PvP which was a huge accomplishment for me.

Anyways, welcome to my page.

P.S. Check out GuildCast for the one and only Guild Wars Podcast, which I have been a small part of, participating in the many contests the host, Shawn, puts together. Also, check out the GuildCastWiki.

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Chest Arms Legs Feet
Corresponding AttributeRadiant
Helmet Chest Arms Legs Feet
Hammer MasteryStonefist

I have gone through a few sets of armor throughout the game. The set that I had the longest was probably my 15k Platemail. I ditched that armor when I started the Stage 3 Act, that is, readying my PvE character for PvP combat.

At the moment my main equipment is: 15k Kurzick Armor (All Radiant Insignias except for the gloves which have a Stonefist Insignia).

I have five helms each with the +1 being in the other 5 different stats: Strength, Tactics, Swordsmanship, Axe Mastery, and Hammer Mastery) with superiors of the corresponding attribute. I have a Superior Absorption and Vigor along with a set of minor runes for the other attributes on the other sections as seen in the table above. With the release of Nightfall and the new Insignia system, I bought a set of 15k Sunspear and placed Survivor Insignias on each piece for the added Health. I also obtained a Primeval Helm to be used specifically with Hammer builds.

The two sets can be used with eachother to provide optimal Energy/Health for any specific build.


Exalted Aegis
Fellblade Exalted Aegis
Victo's Battle Axe
Exalted Aegis
Victo's Axe Exalted Aegis
Kanaxai's Mallet Kanaxai's Mallet
Zodiac Scepter
Exalted Aegis
Zodiac Scepter Exalted Aegis
Victo's Blade Victo's Blade Icy Dragon Sword Icy Dragon Sword Shak-Jarin's Sword Sskai's Sword Sskai's Sword Sskai's Sword
Dragoncrest Axe Dragoncrest Axe Wing's Axe Wing's Axe
Gavel of the
Gavel of the Nephilim The Ice Breaker The Ice Breaker Victo's Maul Victo's Maul

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Shock Warrior W/E
Shock Eviscerate Executioner's Strike Distracting Blow Rush Frenzy Healing Signet Resurrection Signet
Axe Mastery 12+1+3 Strength 10+1
Tactics 8+1 Air Magic 2
Shove Warrior W/N
Shove Drunken Blow Desperation Blow Balanced Stance Rush Plague Touch Healing Signet Resurrection Signet
Hammer Mastery 12+1 Strength 3+1
Tactics 12+1+3
RA Build W/N
Plague Touch Barbarous Slice Gash Final Thrust Hamstring "Victory is Mine!" Healing Signet Resurrection Signet
Swordsmanship 12+1+3 Strength 8+1
Tactics 10+1

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My current Minipets include: Siege Turtle Necrid Horseman Whiptail Devourer Gray Giant Varesh

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  • Ongoing (06/18/2021)
    • As most PvP players do, I am on a mission to obtain a full unlock. Currently, I have a full unlock in Warrior I almost have a full unlock in MonkElementalistMesmerNecromancerRangerAssassinRitualistParagonDervish with only some of the elites remaining to be capped.
My new emote! YAY!
  • 09/04/2006
    • With the double fame Hero's Ascent weekend, I earned enough fame to become Rank 4 and also finally get my deer emote.
    • Rank 6 is pretty much my new goal rank-wise, although fame is hard to come by nowadays for a non-hardcore HAer with the event done and all.
  • 09/17/2006
    • Because of the weekend with double Faction in Alliance Battles, I finally completed my armor set; getting my 4 other helms in 15k Kurzick style art.
    • Hopefully these will be the last pieces of 15k armor that I will "have" to buy in a long time.

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