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About Me

I am a member of Warriors of Fenrir, PvP guild.

My Characters


Ranger-icon-small/any Persea Canteni Originally destined to be an R/E conjure barrager, I had a change of heart and decided to go R/Mo for Rebirth. Mostly, I'm R/Mo but occasionally I take the Elementalist side out for a spin.

Skills used

Barrage Distracting Shot Tiger's Fury Favorable Winds Whirling Defense Charm Animal Comfort Animal Rebirth

My Tombs Barrage/Pet build. With a few modifications, I use this as a general purpose build in any PvE area. Barrage on its own is a very respectable damage dealer, and coupled with Tiger's Fury and Favorable Winds you have a pretty potent damage dealing build.

Read the Wind Favorable Winds Tiger's Fury Dual Shot Punishing Shot Savage Shot Whirling Defense Rebirth

My other general PvE build, with roots in the good old Ranger Spike build. Read the Wind adds extra damage per arrow and ensures they hit, Favorable Winds does the same, Tiger's Fury lets you spam attack skills and Dual Shot, Punishing Shot and Savage Shot do huge amounts of damage in a very short space of time.

Barrage Distracting Shot Favorable Winds Lightning Reflexes Whirling Defense Conjure Lightning Throw Dirt Resurrection Signet

My conjure barrager build. Plain and simple. If I play R/Mo, I sometimes take [[Judge's Insight]] as an attack buff.

'Warrior-icon-small/Monk-icon-small Slimboy Fat'

Sever Artery Galrath Slash Distracting Blow Sprint Vigorous Spirit Healing Breeze Live Vicariously Balthazar's Spirit

Ettin farming for runes. I hardly use this now, as I've become a dedicated PvPer.

'Mesmer-icon-small/Monk-icon-small Madame Perestroika'

Healing Breeze Orison of Healing Clumsiness Illusionary Weaponry Protective Spirit Mending Balthazar's Spirit Essence Bond

55 IW farming trolls, etc.


I'll just list my favourite builds, as I remake PvP characters on a whim:


  • Unlocking a perfect Vampiric bow string and a perfect grip of Marksmanship on the same bow (shame I only got the grip when I salvaged).
  • Skipping to HoH straight from Zaishen.


/sandbox /sig /E/Mo Hybrid Runner /Hexes

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