My last message. I have not posted on this godforsaken wiki for some time, but felt I needed to send a message to all those that support unfair admins or these admins themselves:

This wiki is a totalitarian regime. people like Shadowcrest, Barek, Karlos, Skuld and Marcopolo47 (among others) have all received administrative powers and have all abused it. Whether it be banning Annons for no reason, defending unwarranted bannnigs of Annons, playing favorites or engaging in personal attacks without fear of repercussion they have all made this wiki into their own little playground. This is their wiki not ours. The three best thing to happen tot his wiki were its sale to wikimedia, and the creation of the offical wiki and PvX wiki. Why? Three more reason why people left this wiki in masses. Three more reasons why this corrupted waste of bandwidth can just die. Everyone should take a look at why they're here and why they let these people boss them around. All these admins that abuse their power shoudl do the right thing and just resign. All the admins that turn the other cheek should do the right thing and tell them to resign.

Some people claim that this wiki is superior to PvX wiki and the offical wiki beacuse it has more "control". Who says that control is a good thing? It is true that Gwiki's "lack of control" allowed Raptors to run amuck, but that issue was eventually solved. Raptors was just a regular member, but the negative, abusive and counterproductive people on this wiki are not the regular users- they are the admins.--TheDrifter 00:53, 10 December 2007 (UTC)

Builds in Favored that should be burned and killed:

*[[Build:N/Me SS Nuker]] *[[Build:Rt/A Support Runner]]


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