Windjammer Icon1.jpg Windjammer:A windjammer is a type of sailing ship with a large iron or steel hull, used for cargo in the nineteenth century. They were the grandest of cargo sailing ships, with between three and five large masts and square sails, giving them a characteristic profile. They frequently displaced several thousand tons, and were cheaper than their wooden hulled counterparts for three main reasons: iron was stronger, and thus could enable larger ship sizes and considerable economies of scale, iron hulls took up less space and allowed for more cargo to be carried, and iron hulls were cheaper to maintain than an equivalent wooden hull.
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My wiki userpage, kind of stark right now. I will work on it in the future. I only have one contribution, but as soon as I finish my current research on the 1838 Cherokee removal contingents from Georgia to Oklahoma I will create some more articles based on my findings. Probably look for an article on the conductors of these contingents, either an entire page dedicated to them or individual pages on the individual conductors, such as a page on Edward Deas, one on LHK Whitely, ect.



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in order of class preference

Ranger Dawn Fatalis -- PvE ranger toon is named "Fatal Dawn", after a song by This Ascension.

Paragon Mango Creamsoda -- Suprisingly Delicious.

Monk New Religion -- Its what you need.

Elementalist Xetrov Vortex -- Named after an album by Collide.

Necromancer Ishmael Avenging -- Biblical references here. Two actually.

Other slots are empty or filled by PvE toons I haven't yet brought myself to delete.


Ranger getting close here, basically all I have left are the elites to unlock.


The following is a list of my favorite bands. I like to look for talent that is not widely known, and these tend to be my favorite too. The links go to a site where you can hear the respective group's music.

  • Collide -- You need to check this group out. They have instantly likeable music for most people, and the only reason they are not more popular is because they willfully reject record companies in favor of doing it their way, which is the way it should be. Their style is somthing of an Industrial Darkwave Trip Hop. When you order CDs from their website (or clothing, perfume, and the ton of other stuff they sell), you get a personally signed card from the group. They have such a small fan base so they can do that, and it really makes you feel a part of them. A nice touch at any rate.
  • The Gathering -- A damn talented outfit from Holland. Mandylion, their first album after picking up the current lead singer, was revolutionary for both the band and the Metal genre as a whole. Their music is usually classified as Prog Metal and is somthing of a mix between Black Metal, Darkwave, and Shoegazer. Prog Metal, in general, doesn't have mass appeal and this group is no different. Their music often has an experimental quality to it, with flesh and blood drumming and guitar but lots of electronic noises too. Their songs are typically long being between 5 and 10 minutes, and they even have a song tipping the scales at over 30 minutes long.
  • This Ascension -- Sadly, this group no longer exists. Their final album, Sever, is magnificent however. The group is firmly Darkwave, with the typical dark, ethereal, mid-tempo time. In my opinion they arn't typical of original Darkwave, often insultingly called "Electro-goth" (see Depeche Mode for an example of this). Their music is often called "ethereal but powerful", and they like to incorporate unusual instruments, such as dulcimers and mandolins, into their music.

List of editors I've debated with

I strive to keep this list as complete as possible. If you feel you have been unfairly left off, please add yourself!

  • Rapta -- I'm pretty sure him and Skuld have only one brain they must share between them. I think Rapta has it right now, but I'm not sure.
  • Ufelder -- Don't know him that well.
  • Entropy -- Is a girl! Who knew? Girls play GW? Girls like physics? A nerd's dream come true. She seems very nice, funny too.
  • Silk Weaker -- Seems like a nice, intelligent guy. He does use the word "stupid" too much IMO, which is bad form and not classy at all. I think he is non-native english and may not fully be aware of the subtle weighted meanings and implications within the language.
  • NamShub -- He has no user page.
  • Warskull -- I picture an oaf, but I don't really know him too good. Maybe its his name, maybe its the short, directive posts he makes. He could actually be a Nobel Laureate.
  • Skuld -- When he can get the brain from Rapta, he is actually fairly intelligent.


Virtually abandoned at the moment, may get back to this at a later date.

Tested Builds

  • [Build:R/D_VoS_Archer|R/D VoS Archer]
  • [Build:E/Rt Master of Restoration|E/Rt Master of Restoration]


  • [Build:P/E Daze Paragon|P/E Daze Paragon]


Build Building



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