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  • Insanely inactive and only checking the talk-page now and then.
  • Have no less than ten PvE characters and one PvP slot, but doesn't update this page out of laziness.
Ms Galil.jpg

Ranger Ms Galil

Current skill-bar:

Kindle Arrows Distracting Shot Poison Arrow Dodge Storm Chaser Troll Unguent Mantra of Lightning Physical Resistance

Monk Sharma Galil

Current skill-bar:

Protective Spirit Signet of Devotion Reversal of Fortune Mend Condition Inspired Hex Mantra of Recall Divine Boon Rebirth
Sharma Galil.jpg
Tierra Galil.jpg

Elementalist Tierra Galil

  • Full name: Tierra Antonia Galil
  • Age: 22
  • Originating from: Wizard's Folly

Current skill-bar:

Lightning Strike Lightning Orb Gale Windborne Speed Blinding Flash Elemental Attunement Air Attunement Rebirth

Necromancer Deathbringer Galil

  • Full name: Carmella Jacquelyn Galil
  • Age: 22
  • Originating from: Piken Square (Pre-Searing)

Current skill-bar:

Animate Bone Fiend Animate Vampiric Horror Animate Flesh Golem Blood of the Master Death Nova Heal Area Dwayna's Sorrow Rebirth
Deathbringer Galil.jpg
Maya Galil.jpg

Warrior Maya Galil

  • Full name: Maya Lila Galil
  • Age: 22
  • Originating from: Kaineng City

Current skill-bar:

Executioner's Strike Eviscerate Cyclone Axe Axe Rake Signet of Strength Tiger Stance Berserker Stance Rebirth

Monster-icon.png Pvp Galil

  • PvP character

Current skill-bar:

Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
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