Ah, Windows XP. Compared to earlier releases Windows came out with (95, 98, and later ME, all from the same team) it is an AWESOME system. Compared to other computers on the market, it's actually good. Vista, however, is not. And yet, Vista is based off of XP. How did Microsuck screw it up so badly? Here's what I think:

  1. Take XP, a pretty good system as stated before, and put it on the table.
  2. Next, put the competing computers on another table next to it.
  3. Take apart the other computers and just put the good parts of them on the table, and throw the rest out.
  4. Then, melt down the good parts and form them into bullets.
  5. Use the bullets in the machine-gun laying on a third table, and just spray at complete random at XP.

Congratulations! You now have Vista! A massive conglomeration of the good parts of other systems, though without all the necessary parts to implement them properly, thrown at random at XP, destroying numerous portions of XP that work properly in the process, and leaving massive holes in the side (that Microsuck won't even cover up with some duct tape) for viruses to get in.

Disclaimer: It's not my fault if you took this literally and mowed down your XP computer in order to get a cheaper version of Vista.

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