Player Information

  • PvP build enthusiast
  • W/Mo Fanboy
  • Software Engineer
  • Cambridge, MA

Moved to Guildwars from a rapidly degenerating game called Planetside with many outfitmates. Most left; Gerrakis and Dante remain in Guildwars. Joined a very smurf guild during the enhanced PvP weekend and ganked many, many other guilds. Left that 'guild' and wandered aimlessly acquiring gold and skills for a while until Dante and Gerrakis caught up with me. Now with the nOObs, a great bunch of players.

To Do

  • Finish Cantha for Inisoven
  • Gather Canthan skills


Warrior-icon.png Goff Tyrconnell


First character created, out of the box.
Common Secondary Professions: Monk-icon-small.pngRanger-icon-small.pngMesmer-icon-small.png


  • Cleave / Mending Farming

Cleave.jpg Penetrating Blow.jpg Distracting Blow.jpg Cyclone Axe.jpg Bonetti's Defense.jpg Healing Signet.jpg Sprint.jpg Mending.jpg

  • VIM Warrior

Sever Artery.jpg Gash.jpg Galrath Slash.jpg Final Thrust.jpg "Victory is Mine!".jpg Apply Poison.jpg Healing Signet.jpg Sprint.jpg

  • Human Torch

Sever Artery.jpg Gash.jpg Galrath Slash.jpg Inferno.jpg Burning Speed.jpg "Victory is Mine!".jpg Conjure Flame.jpg Resurrection Signet.jpg

Elementalist-icon.png Azera Tyrconnell


Created from a beta build, E/W with Aftershock
Common Secondary Professions: Mesmer-icon-small.pngWarrior-icon-small.png


  • Hammer / Aftershock

Devastating Hammer.jpg Aftershock.jpg Stoning.jpg Armor of Earth.jpg Ward Against Melee.jpg Ward Against Foes.jpg Healing Signet.jpg Resurrection Signet.jpg

  • Earthquake / Aftershock / Obsidian Flame

Glyph of Energy.jpg Earthquake.jpg Aftershock.jpg Crystal Wave.jpg Obsidian Flame.jpg Armor of Earth.jpg Earth Attunement.jpg Aura of Restoration.jpg

  • Energy Denial / Air

Lightning Strike.jpg Lightning Orb.jpg Enervating Charge.jpg Gale.jpg Leech Signet.jpg Energy Drain.jpg Drain Enchantment.jpg Resurrection Signet.jpg

  • Earthquake / Earthbind

Glyph of Energy.jpg Earthquake.jpg NA-icon.png Aftershock.jpg Earthbind.jpg Armor of Earth.jpg Earth Attunement.jpg Aura of Restoration.jpg

Monk-icon.png Cordelia Tyrconnell


Because you always need a monk.
Common Secondary Professions: Necromancer-icon-small.pngMesmer-icon-small.png


  • Active Protection
  • Healing
  • Divine Boon / Offering of Blood Protection

Mesmer-icon.png Ranger-icon.png Necromancer-icon.png Ritualist-icon.png Assassin-icon.png ? Tyrconnell

Filling in any PvP character needed.


  • Energy Denial
  • Trapper
  • Spirit Spammer
  • Blood Spiker

Mesmer-icon.png Fiona Tyrconnell


Mesmers are all kinds of fun.
Common Secondary Professions: Necromancer-icon-small.png


  • Illusion Degen
  • Domination

Cry of Frustration.jpg Wastrel's Worry.jpg Diversion.jpg Empathy.jpg Backfire.jpg Ether Feast.jpg Energy Tap.jpg Resurrection Signet.jpg

Ritualist-icon.png Inisoven Tyrconnell

I'm obsessed with spirits.
Common Secondary Professions: Necromancer-icon-small.png






Alliance Crew

Dismember.jpg Axe Rake.jpg Cyclone Axe.jpg Penetrating Blow.jpg Disrupting Chop.jpg "Charge!".jpg Healing Signet.jpg Apply Poison.jpg

Orison of Healing.jpg Dwayna's Kiss.jpg Heal Other.jpg Healing Touch.jpg Heal Party.jpg Signet of Devotion.jpg Inspired Hex.jpg Mantra of Recall.jpg

Lightning Strike.jpg Lightning Orb.jpg Enervating Charge.jpg Gale.jpg Energy Drain.jpg Leech Signet.jpg Air Attunement.jpg Aura of Restoration.jpg

Mend Body and Soul.jpg Spirit Light.jpg Spirit Transfer.jpg Bloodsong.jpg Shadowsong.jpg Union.jpg Ritual Lord.jpg Feast of Souls.jpg

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