About Me:

Currently I'm a full-time student working on my Masters in Divinity; work full-time doing tech support for a hotel chain; and have a full-time wife and kids. Much to say my life is very "full-time."

About Me in GW:

I've been playing the game since relese and have logged about 400-500+ hours. My main is a W/Mo at the moment but started as a W/R. I also play as a Mo/Me that is currently working through the story line. I'm a member of the guild God's Infantry Dot Org [GI] which is a Christian guild. You can learn more about us at God's I mostly play PvE but I do enjoy playing a Monk or Ranger in PvP and will spend some time there every now and then.

Lorelai Hasvall Grace Alone Shinkei Kuusai Not Used
PvE Character PvP Character PvE Character PvP Character
Level:20 20 10 1

My Builds

  • [R/E Tainted Flames] Build
  • [Build:R/Me Cripshot Ranger] Build
  • [W/Mo Holy Hammer] Build
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