Greabow's Treasure Log:GreyClaw September 2007

Location of Treasure Nearest Outpost and Map Type Items Found
Issnur Isles Beknur Harbor (map) Buried Treasure 448G PURPLE Dual Winged Axe 9/18/2007
Mehtani Keys Kodlonu Hamlet (map) Treasure Chest 474G PURPLE Bladed Recurve Bow 9/18/2007
Arkjok Ward Pogahn Passage (map) Buried Treasure Not documented, likely taken in August
Jahai Bluffs Sunspear Sanctuary (map) Treasure Chest 881G PURPLE Soul Spire 9/18/2007
Bahdok Caverns Moddok Crevice (map) Do Not Touch 856G PURPLE Soul Spire 9/18/2007
The Mirror of Lyss The Kodash Bazaar (map) Buried Treasure 1570G PURPLE Vabian Scimitar 9/19/2007
The Hidden City of Ahdashim Dasha Vestibule (map) Treasure Chest 1494G PURPLE Ceremonial Cauldron of Endurance 9/19/2007
Forum Highlands Tihark Orchard (map) Do Not Touch 1619G GOLD Jeweled Daggers 9/18/2007
The Ruptured Heart The Mouth of Torment (map) Buried Treasure 1307G PURPLE Tribal Shield 9/19/2007
The Sulfurous Wastes Remains of Sahlahja (map) Treasure Chest Not Recorded, likely taken on September 18, 2007
Domain of Pain Gate of Fear (map, map) Treasure Chest 1776G PURPLE MARGONITE ARMOR 9/19/2007
Nightfallen Jahai Gate of Pain (map) Treasure Chest 1819G Gold Shadow Bow 9/19/2007
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