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Dedicated - Total (49)

Monument of Devotion

Name Dedicated?
Birthday Series 1 --
Bone Dragon Yes
Prince Rurik No
Shiro No
Burning Titan Yes
Charr Shaman Yes
Kirin Yes
Fungal Wallow Yes
Hydra Yes
Jade Armor Yes
Jungle Troll Yes
Necrid Horseman Yes
Siege Turtle Yes
Temple Guardian Yes
Whiptail Devourer Yes
Birthday Series 2 --
Gwen Nope
Lich Lord Nope
Water Djinn Nope
Elf No
Koss Yes
Palawa Joko Yes
Aatxe Yes
Fire Imp Yes
Harpy Ranger Yes
Heket Warrior Yes
Juggernaut Yes
Mandragor Imp Yes
Thorn Wolf Yes
Wind Rider Yes
Birthday Series 3 --
Mad King Thorn Nope
The Black Beast of Arrgh Nope
White Rabbit Yes
Freezie Yes
Nornbear No
Ooze Yes
Abyssal Yes
Cave Spider Yes
Cloudtouched Simian Yes
Forest Minotaur Yes
Irukandji No
Mursaat Yes
Raptor Yes
Roaring Ether Yes
Birthday Series 4 --
Eye of Janthir Nope
Dagnar Stonepate Yes
Flame Djinn Nope
Flowstone Elemental Yes
Jora No
Nian Nope
Abomination Yes
Desert Griffon Yes
Dredge Brute Yes
Krait Neoss Yes
Kveldulf Yes
Quetzal Sly No
Terrorweb Dryder Yes
Word of Madness Yes
Birthday Series 5 --
M.O.X. Yes
King Adelbern Nope
Zhu Hanuku Nope
Candysmith Marley No
Oola Yes
Ventari Yes
Cobalt Scabara Yes
Fire Drake Yes
Ophil Nahualli Yes
Scourge Manta Nope
Seer Yes
Shard Wolf Nope
Siege Devourer No
Summit Giant Herder No
Canthan New Year --
Celestial Pig No
Celestial Rat No
Celestial Ox No
Celestial Tiger No
Pig No
War in Kryta --
Confessor Dorian Nope
Confessor Isaiah Nope
Peacekeeper Enforcer Nope
Evennia Nope
Livia Nope
Princess Salma Nope
Other sources --
Black Moa Chick No
Dhuum Nope
Ghostly Hero Nope
Gwen Doll Nope
Kanaxai Nope
Kuunavang Nope
Mallyx Nope
Varesh Ossa No
Vizu Nope
Yakkington Nope
Asura No
Brown Rabbit Nope
Ceratadon Yes
Destroyer of Flesh No
Gray Giant No
Greased Lightning Nope
Island Guardian Nope
Mad King's Guard Nope
Panda Nope
Polar Bear Nope
Smite Crawler Nope
Shiro'ken Assassin Nope
Zhed Shadowhoof Nope
Grawl Nope
Longhair Yeti Nope
Naga Raincaller Nope
Oni Nope
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