My little Messages of the Day are not exactly of the day but of the moment. I intend to change them at least once a week and at most once a day.

Current MotD

So I logged in today to get some screenshots for inspirational art on a game I am working on. I wandered around on my Paragon in Nightfall. Then got on my Ele who was in GToB. Curiously, I wandered over to HA where I was confused by the current metagame. Since there was no way I could play HA, I made my way to RA where I failed alot (I went profession but Ranger) because I was out of practice. Finally, I got on my warrior and chopped up some bitches.

On my journey, I learned a few things:

  1. Costumes and decorative headgear?
  2. My monking skills have atrophied the most. I can't Monk by watching the field (perhaps because I need new contacts and can't see lol)
  3. WTF happened to AotL? There goes my MM AB build
  4. Newbs still try to play 55 in RA
  5. Crabs are gigantic. Dunno if they were resized or if I just haven't seen one and forgot what they looked like but they are huge!
  6. Mending still sucks

Am I going to start playing again? We'll see...


Retired MotDs

Retired 1/20/09:Mmmmm IWAY.....
Retired 9/10/08::"I had the glory of being the last halls win of the double fame weekend. Go me!"
Retired 8/24/08:"Nice fucking joke making double fame weekend the weekend when everyone is packing for college. Couldn't have waited one fucking week for me to move in and have nothing to do before classes start?"
Retired 8/19/08:"Normally this MotD would reflect my comments about the recent update but I have greater concerns. My dear friend and guild leader's account has been hacked. Now atm we cannot get into the account to see the damages but we believe most of his PvP armor with reward point armor, his PvE monk, beloved warrior and mesmer and dear dear necro may have been stripped of its shiny new FoW armor. Plus the lost of gold, shields, weapons, and a whole slew of other items. Now Anet and PlayNC make it rediculously difficult to change your password and rumor has it they just shrug and say they can't get anything back when this happens. Now... this is silly. They cannot NOT have records of what his characters had before it was ruined. Or have no idea what he traded away. Or know based on the IP address and the name of the person who stole the guild who it was ... Not to mention the hours of delay before we can get anything done about it because of the incredibly complex system to change a password. Don't tell me that you can't spawn shit in the world whenever you want cause thats just crap if you can't. Set it up so that it only drops in our guild hall or something. Drop a stack of ectos so my poor, poor, poor Aramail can recover from his tragic loss. Oh and don't tell me you can't at least give him reward points to get the armor and make money back. Cause that's retarded."
Retired 8/09/08:"It asks you to confirm like 20 times before it lets you map into an outpost during Factions. But we can put a simple "Are you sure you want to quit Guild Wars?" confirmation dialog when you accidentally hit the "x"? Nice joke... "
Retired 7/28/08:"Nerf Rspike because its taking over HA. Increase the energy cost of skills like Dual Shot, Sloth Hunter's Shot, Forked Arrow, and Savage Shot. Have the preparations Glass Arrows and Read the Wind cause Cracked Armor on the user. Reduce the effect of Favorable Winds. "
Retired 7/21/08:"An interesting way of nerfing Shadow Form. As a result, I am so much richer because of all the ectos I bought this weekend and because I was provided a superior raptor farming build which kept the nerf from effecting my farming hobby. I wonder though if the addition of Signet of Disenchantment will affect other farming builds in the Under World. "
Retired 7/3/08:"I'm currently crushed because i had my heart set on having a curses-linked Celestial Compass for my new Necromancer, Falynn Notsil. I found it for sale on Guru and I was going to wait until the last hour to start bidding on it to prevent the price from getting to high. Then I picked up my computer today, and suddenly panicked but I thought I still had time and I was crushed because I missed it. I would have gotten an amazing price on a curses celestial compass.... this auction. So if anyone ever sees someone selling one, preferably a higher req (cause I'm still cheap), buy it for me and I'll give you sexytime. "
Retired 6/21/08:"all stub cats are subcats of the stubs cat "
Retired 6/7/08:" I just got scammed out of 50k. Fiola The Dreadful says she is buying 9 zkeys at 50k. This is slightly above 5k per so I decide its a good idea. She says then that she only has 49,750 or something. I say "close enough". She says she can give me some items. I could care less but I'm like whatever. She offers, I see the money, and I accept. Then she says "oh, the items." She changes the offers and tosses some junk in the trade window. I'm just trying to get this over with so I accept. Then I go to put the money in storage and realize the little bitch only gave me 746g. She immediately put me on ignore when I tried to politely point out her mistake. I'm just pissed at myself because I knew I should have been paying closer attention. So anyway, even a seasoned player can be scammed. Trust no one. "
Retired 5/19/08:"I'm so tired of all the people who want to roll in hero battles. What's the point of a title saying what you've accomplished and how many battles you've won if you /rolled your way there? And half the time if I don't roll they just leave anyway so why would I bother?
On an unrelated note, you know you spend too much time on the wiki if you try to write out your guild name and put the tag in double brackets... "
Retired 5/5/08:"I HAT MUSTARD Lost-Blue 05:30, 14 April 2008 (UTC)

If you hat mustard, I would hate to see where you wear ketchup...--Gigathrash sig Gìğá†ħŕášħTalk 05:32, 14 April 2008 (UTC)
SOCKS Lost-Blue 05:32, 14 April 2008 (UTC)"</br>

Retired 4/14/08:"Today, April 1, is my birthday. I'm 22. Hooray for me!"
Retired 4/1/08:"Why is it that you find that last really hard boss and a giant mob that you just can't kill at the end of vanquishing the the bastards rez everytime you make a dent in the mob..."
Retired 3/22/08:"Heard channeling was gooood."
Retired 3/11/08:"Mesmers are sometimes underrated. Not as much in PvP but you still wouldn't think eight of them could pwn stuff. Last night a team of eight mesmers (QuCo) beat a team in Underworld. This was not a fluke. The team we beat later went on to win Halls. Mesmers are dangerous..."
Retired 3/5/08:"Furious Spearhead is a euphemism. "
Retired 2/21/08:"I almost signed an email to my dad with ~~~~ (And I almost did it again adding this motd)"
Retired 2/13/08:"I joined Quality Control [QuCo]. Nice guys really. "
Retired 2/11/08:"So, my friend Didge got banned directly by Gaile Gray by making obscene comments to her during Wintersday. Now that is impressive."
Retired 1/24/08:"I'm scared that the whole game will have changed since I was gone. Haven't logged in yet. (Same goes for GWW and GW2W actually)"
Retired 1/23/08:"I got out of town for a few days and my guild explodes in drama and alliance falls apart. I'm pretty scared about my upcoming 3 week leave... "
Retired 12/28/07:"Zaishen Chest! Hooray for something to spend faction on besides useless tokens. I wish I could trade those tokens back in... Plus, I'm not sure what is dropping from them at a significant enough rate to make them worth 5k! Still, its weird to care about the amount of faction I'm earning... "
Retired 12/09/07:"My guild is full of nubcakes."
Retired 11/19/07:"I don't know what to do without LoD! WoH is nice and all but it lacks the party-wide support that is far more necessary than I even realized in the current meta. Every match I lost in the past couple of days came down to... needing LoD. I'm not a fan of HB because it's not a heal, but a support skill. Like PnH, its a shame to have your elite slot used for support of your bar rather than being the star feature of your bar.... Oh, and HP still costs 15 energy. Fail."
Retired 11/11/07:"You know how nukers always try to target enemies in clumps because to AoE one guy is a waste? Well, I always think like that when I nuke and get excited whenever I see my foes have clumped up nicely for me. Anyway, I was driving yesterday and saw a group of kids walking along the sidewalk and had the sudden urge to hit em all with my car because they were so nicely clumped."
Retired 10/24/07:"Congratulations to Anet on the speedy nerf to the infinite shadow form build. I'd reported it not long ago and it seems they decided to do something about it! Deadly Paradoxes nerf was the perfect answer. You can read about my grievance here."
Retired 10/16/07:"The Dishonor system is good in that it cuts down on the amount of leavers in RA, leechers and leavers in AB drastically. However, the rules for leaving early need to be adjusted. For example, leaving an RA match when you're dead, most of your team is dead, and there are no rezzes left, I don't want to sit there and watch the wammo struggle for life... The other issue I have is the lack of a timer a HA matches. Yes, matches are longer than RA matches but the fact that the immortal Shadow Form sins can keep a successful team from getting their fame by running around for an hour until they get tired of waiting and leave? That's ridiculous. "
Retired 10/3/07:"Notice to all Spiritway groups: Roaring Winds is almost completely nullified by Energizing Wind. (RW makes shouts cost more by 10 energy. EW reduces all skill costs by 15 energy down to 10. So if you're bringing it to screw up DA paras, it doesn't work. Even the added energy cost to other shouts and chants isn't really noticeable when you're on the receiving end.)"
Retired 9/26/07:"Glyph of Immolation!? That's it!? ONE SHITTY FIRE MAGIC SKILL?! I was hoping so much that there would be more on actual release. I'm gonna cry."
Retired 8/31/07:"Someone seriously needs to nerf the Ghostly Hero. His interrupts are ridiculous."
Retired 8/04/07:"SH ftw! omg love nuking!?"
Retired 7/11/07: "I got Nightfall weeeeeeeeee. I was expecting more variety and excitement from Paragon and Dervish skills. Probably just need a feel for em before i get excited. Did get a glad point on a para already without runes or inscriptions lol."
Retired 6/24/07:"Tyrian male Mesmers are hot. Playing as one is one of the few occasions I will play a male character. One of the faces actually looks like hottie Orlando Bloom. I was remarking on (and playing as) this one day when someone said: 'No, you look like the guy from Pirates of the Caribbean'. It's amazing isn't it?... Now, what were they thinking with the Tyrian females?!"
Retired 6/14/07: "'Did you know that when you get to rank six, you skill level suddenly increases? At rank 0 you have no skill. At rank 3, some skill, and rank 6, enough skill to be considered worthy. At rank 9 you are assumed to know every skill in the game and competently play any build. If you are only a few fame short of rank 6, you still suck. You need those last few fame to be good. Those last few fame prove your skill.' Demanding anything above rank 3 for SF spikes and IWAY is silly. These are simple enough builds."
Retired 6/7/07: "Most of the Assassin armor makes no sense. When I think Assassin, I think 'guy who can sneak into a castle, surreptiously murder someone of importance, and make a quiet escape.' When I see the armor, I think, 'guy who sneaks into a castle and has his plans foiled when the big ugly spikes on his armor get caught on drapes, knock over vases, and wake up the target by poking them in the eye when leaning in for the kill.' It's just silly."
Retired 5/27/07:"'Only pompous people who want to show how mature and open-minded they are say 'IMHO' instead of 'IMO'. Only people who have trouble differentiating between fact and expressions of opinion at all need to say anything.' In that regard, everything I say in talk pages and my own user name space is considered to be flagged IMO."
Retired 5/22/07: "If you think touch ranger is easy to play...try an AoE/MoM smite (spamming RoF and Guardian to trigger Zealot's Fire. Even better, try a machine gunner (Me/E spamming Stone Daggers with Kinetic Armor and Armor of Earth)"
Retired 5/19/07: "Anet gave us a wonderful party window to end the spam... no one uses it.... gg nubs"
Retired 5/18/07: "Effective nuker guide: the more 3 digit yellow numbers, the better."
Retired 5/14/07: First MotD posted.

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