• I live in Belgium
  • I was born on January 28
  • My occupation is Musician
  • I am Male


News Of Today
Hello, I stopped Guild Wars and won't be playing it anymore. Mass Effect 1 & 2 have taken me over for countless houres of gameplay. Still I may be able to just jump in for doing a mission on HM which stands in the Zaishen Mission. And I have no guild anymore so it sucks. I will still be operating on this wikia because it's the very first one I ever have been on and since then I've been turning into a wikia-freak (I operate plenty of other wikia's too now) But I just can't get away here for some reason, so there... Good luck all (One thing: I will certainly not be playing GW2 as I will have no time anymore. I'm at school from 7.30 a.m. till 20.00-22.00 p.m at work, and when I enter the university for music it will be probably from school's opening time (7.30u) till the school's closing time (23.00 p.m) as I will be doing Double Laureate (for piano and organ) and maybe triple which is insanly difficult but I like challenges (It will be probably for Hapssichord then, but I'm not so sure yet).
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Warrior-icon-small Verdecandeijas Jor

Character-Verdecandeijas Jor

Assassin-icon-small The Sneakin Assassin

Character-The Sneakin Assassin

Mesmer-icon-small Joris Ceoen

Character-Joris Ceoen

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Character-General Rohna

Thanks to User:Ruricu for his awsome character boxes and help.


Age: 16
Sex: Male
Location: Somewhere
Status: Single
Occupation: Music
Interests: Organ, Piano, Hapsichord (Composition).
I'm very interested in history (also for music), and I am also very passionated to play Johann Sebastian Bach, and I do analyse pretty much all the time all the music I hear and play.

Honorable Players-list

I made this page to put players who (For me) have accomplished legendary achievements trought the gameplay in PvE so that I can remember them.

  • Shadow Dark Evil - Assassin (1)

This player has achieved Legendary Hearth of the Party. He managed as T1/T2 to save us all in FoWSC by killing all the foes on the way for the Forest Griffons so that I could lead them trought the enemies without them to kill the grifs. This was needed because MT failed, and whole main team but I died, and T1/T2 died afterwards (But he was also helping but just died, no worries, he is very good too and didn't leave!) After all, the griffs almost died because I was an 100 blades warrior and it was the first time I had to take griffs, and learn the target call-technique (even if it isn't difficult) but I managed to get them in thanks to this player. Thanks to especially him, and I, we (after one hour and more or so :O) could be able to finish all quests and get our rewards from the Chest of Woe. After all it wasn't a FoWSC to say so, but it was worth it O.o! Many thanks :)
*[Quote to player: Yes, We can! (President Obama from the United States)]*

Own MTG Card

Summon Compagnon
I like much creating these cards... Time to make my own one for Guild Wars.
Thought I could make a much better one, I liked this one too anyway.


Piano verdecandijas jor

My piano

I love the piano, it's like a part of my life, and I really would like to master it, being a virtuosian. I like to teach. Maybe later to academy schools, or in conservatiores, but my greatest dream is to have a solo carrier, and that requires a lot of experience and work... so I don't know if that would ever be possible, but at least I have other choices. Also the organ is very interesting to play so that I know where the piano comes from in the second place (The first place is the Clavecimbel), and it's still different to play despite the clavier... All you need to have is trust and love for music. If you aren't engaged at 100%; you better quit it :) but trying is a good start anyway ;)


  • Green weapons
Green weapons & shields
Kai's Sword Victo's Blade Rocktail's Stinger The Darksong Reefclaw's Refuge
Deldrimor Divine Scepter Koosun's Fire Staff Woe Spreader Gargash's Recurve Bow Droknar's Death Scepter
Armind's Focus Deldrimor Scythe Forgotten Hammer Razortongue's Recurve Bow Kole's Torment
Gwen's Flute Rose Focus Claws of the Broodmother Zoldark's Staff Deldrimor Shield
Kerrsh's Staff The Dream Haunter Draconic Scythe (Unique) Deldrimor Shield (Unique) Axe of the Hierophant
Royen's Hornbow Prismatic Rod
  • Gold Weapons
Gold weapons & shields
Perfect Legendary Sword (Rq11) Perfect Sephis Sword (Rq10) Perfect Zodiac Sword (Rq11) Perfect Destroyer Sword Perfect Destroyer Maul
Perfect Destroyer Scythe Perfect Destroyer Daggers Perfect Destroyer Bow Perfect Destroyer Spear Perfect Destroyer Scepter
Perfect Destroyer Focus Perfect Destroyer Axe Perfect Destroyer Shield Perfect Destroyer Staff Perfect Summit Axe (Rq9)
Morning Star Axe (Rq13, (Ins)cription) Runic Axe (Rq12, Ins) Celestial Shield (Rq9 Str) Perfect Zodiac Sword (Rq10) Clouded Maul (Rq11)
Perfect Flamberge (Rq10) Perfect Gazing Scythe (Rq10) Perfect Grim Scythe (Rq10) Aureate Longbow (Rq11) Icy Dragon Sword (From Nicholas the Traveller)
Vampiric Dragon Sword (From Nicholas the Traveller) Fiery Dragon Sword Amethyst Aegis (Rq9 Command) Crenellated Scythe (Rq9) Runic Blade (Rq10)
  • Purple weapons
Purple weapons & shields
Perfect Caged Shortbow Perfect Ancient Recurve Bow Perfect Butterfly Sword Perfect Fellblade (Rq10, currently equipped)

Zaishen Menagerie

Animals (Lvl 20)
Black Moa Lioness Strider
Crocodile Crane Phoenix
Tiger White Tiger Raven
Polar Bear Jingle Bear Melandru's Stalker
Mountain Eagle Reef Lurker Jahai Rat
Albino Rat Rainbow Phoenix Moss Spider
Black Widow Spider


Pages (Helped)
Anvil Rock Vulture Drifts Deldrimor Bowl Griffon's Mouth Scoundrel's Rise
North Kryta Province Grenth's Footprint Tasca's Demise Mineral Springs Spearhead Peak
Nebo Terrace Cursed Lands Watchtower Coast The Black Curtain Kessex Peak
Stingray Strand Tears of the Fallen Twin Serpent Lakes Talmark Wilderness Majesty's Rest
Sage Lands Mamnoon Lagoon Silverwood Ettin's Back Tangle Root
Dalada Uplands Sacnoth Valley Grothmar Wardowns Bjora Marches Norrhart Domains
Greves the Overbearing

Verdecandeijas the Nornbear

Verdecandeijas the Nornbear

The Nornbear

Unique weapon details
Linked attribute(s): Swordsmanship
Damage type(s): Slashing
Dropped by: Verdecandeijas the Nornbear
Skin: Zodiac Sword

The Nornbear is a unique sword dropped by Verdecandeijas the Nornbear trought the whole Far Shiverpeaks .

Collector Counterpart

This weapon can be replicated using:

Weapon stats



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