This user plays both PvE & PvP.

Member of the rather large The Amazon Basin guild, perhaps more known as Guild of the Week #1 or the guild behind the Amatz Basin naming.

Having played Guild Wars since the E3 For Everyone event, while I don't spend time to try help make Guild Wars an even better game than it already is as an alpha/beta tester, I mostly play PvE, but also some GvG with my guild.

My current PvE characters are:

Elementalist-icon-smallSissia Soultoucher (E/Mo)
Ritualist-icon-smallZaldron Silverwood (Rt/N)
Warrior-icon-smallAmaya Dawnbreaker (W/A)
Ranger-icon-smallSilvanus Northgrove (R/Me)
Paragon-icon-smallParadia Lionheart (P/R)
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