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Female This user is not a man.
Male This user has the best boyfriend in the world.
Female+Male This user believes in love at young age.
Nogem This user supports the "don't use Gem's personal icons" campaign.
HnD This user believes in hugs - not drugs.

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Ruby This user loves Gem's.
GWi This user is very inactive in wiki.
fi-4 This user is able to contribute with a near native level of Finnish.
Heart-icon This user uses the Heart-icon created for Gem by LordBiro.
PvE This user is a primary PvE player.
AI This user has a maxium of 2 other human players in his party.
R This user is a primary ranger player and a runner.

Guild Wars Characters

Ranger-icon Agrema Queriwyth


Monk-icon Kiri Queriwyth

  • Level 20
  • Completed 11/25 missions (Currently at Ring of Fire) in Tyria
  • Completed 5/25 bonus in Tyria
  • Healing monk Build
  • 55 hp Solo Build
  • 55 hp Tank Build
  • Over 1 million experience points
  • Optional armor

Mesmer-icon Alisa Queriwyth


Paragon-icon Maria Queriwyth

  • Level 20
  • Elonian character
  • Completed 5/20 Elonian missions
  • Completed 4/20 Elonian bonuses

Ranger-icon Agrem Queriwyth


Necromancer-icon Fertina Queriwyth


Elementalist-icon Shintoe Queriwyth


Dervish-icon Lara Queriwyth

  • Level 20
  • Elonian character

Warrior-icon Satine Queriwyth


Real Life Characters

Kalomeli-icon Kalomeli

  • Second year student of Helsinki University of Technology
  • Level 19
  • Finland
  • Loves Gem more than anything else. <3
  • Image

Heart-icon Gem

  • Boyfriend <3 / Guild Wars mate
  • Level 19
  • Finland
  • Heart-icon-sm The love of my life Heart-icon-sm
  • Image

The quiz results

Thanks to Phoenix for giving the link
Where the Warrior can only attack people directly in front of him, you are able to take down any enemy within a wide radius using your bow. You have a one-ness with nature that no other profession has, and the strongest evidence of that is your pet, who is your reliable companion wherever you go.
Ranger 75%
Monk 69%
Elementalist & Assassin 50%
Mesmer 38%
Ritualist 31%
Necromancer 25%
Warrior 0%

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