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Titles for Aadalon the Archer

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My Sandbox

Please Note: Vanquishing makes me want to kill myself.

Temporary Thanks Section: (It will be fancier when I get around to it ;) I hijacked the collapsable box idea from APACHE (I'm sure it came from elsewhere, too, I've been browsing a ton of user pages trying to get some ideas for mine), and the rest I sort of brainstormed and developed privately, and then began to move here. I'm learning wiki formatting somewhat quickly, though it will take some time to get it down pat. Thanks to anyone else's ideas I have inadvertantly stolen. I am currently looking at Barek and Tanaric's user pages for inspirtation. The nav links at the top came from Xasxas256's user page. Thanks.

Note to self: See Samurai JM's user page for good hero builds.

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