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I'm new to this Wiki, have been playing Guild Wars for nearly a year (since about 4 months after Prophecies came out, IIRC) and shamelessly stole the character box below from User:MRA!

I'm a role-player at heart, that is I give my characters a personality of their own, and role play them... describing their reactions as they would react, not necessarily as I, the player would. I'm a member of a role-playing guild, Beautiful Oblivion. This is why my characters have age '20 years' and so on! I do not claim to have created them 20 years ago!

I also claim to be the same person as KaralinTaucher at GWO, and Karalin Taucher at gwguru.

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Elementalist-icon/ Monk-icon-small/ Ranger-icon-small/ Mesmer-icon-small Karalin Taucher

Age: 20 years old
Titles: Protector of Tyria
Protector of Cantha
Protector of Elona
Sunspear General
Mighty Lightbringer
Tyrian Pathfinder
Canthan Trailblazer
Tyrian Skill Hunter
Canthan Skill Hunter
Kind of a Big Deal
Elonian Skill Hunter
Appearance: Karalin is noted primarily for her pale skin and flaming red hair. She stands at about 5'10, and is slim. She can usually currently be found wearing a mix of Canthan and Kurzick 15k and 1.5k armour, dyed green. She prefers her warmer 15k pyromancers armour in the cooler climes of the Shiverpeaks. She needs little excuse to buy a new outfit and is especially fond of shoes.
Equipment: Karalin usually wields a The Kindlerock and a maximum collectors HCT/HSR fire wand. She has been known to substitute her offhand for a The Windcatcher or Lian's Lantern. When soloing, she prefers her Insightful Raven Staff of Enchanting.
Bio: Karalin was born in the Lakeside County, Ascalon. She was a simple farm hand, never feeling loved by her parents. When they died tragically, she set out for Ascalon city, hoping to find comfort and safety there. She arrived at the time of the Searing and was drafted to help... she had always been a reasonable healer. However, a mage noted her proficeincy in manipulating fire and quickly tutored her.
After the searing, her travels took her everywhere and she has accomplished much, finding a home among the outcasts of Eon.
Personality: Karalin is usually of a cheery disposition, though she can be wary of newcomers. Her temper often gets the better of her, and can 'flare up' without warning. She usually puts friends first, above everything, and this has got her into trouble more times than she cars to count.

Frequent builds:

PvE IB spike

Incendiary Bonds Aura of Restoration Meteor Shower Fireball Bed of Coals Fire Attunement Elemental Attunement Rebirth

Earth/Fire farming

Lava Font Aura of Restoration Flame Burst Inferno Kinetic Armor Armor of Earth Fire Attunement Elemental Attunement

Monk-icon/ Mesmer-icon-small Slow Leaf Falling

Age: 16 years old
Title: Canthan Pathfinder
Appearance: Leaf, as she is known to her friends, is a small Canthan monk, with dark hair tied up, and Shing Jea robes, the shifting colour of autumnal foliage.
Equipment: Leaf usually uses an Insightful Holy Branch of Enchanting, although she has been known to wield a Wenslauss' Faith. Her preferred soloing staff is an Insightful Lotus Staff of Enchanting.
Bio: Leaf grew up in Tsumei village, the daughter of simple peasants. She lived a plain life, and was happy, until she met a young man with whom she first experienced love. Once discovered, the men of the village were furious, deeming the couple an unsuitable match, and as was the custom, Leaf was hounded from the village, chased by an angry mob. She still has nightmares about the incident. As she fled, she met a young elementalist, Karalin Taucher, who seeing the trouble she was in, opened a strange portal for Leaf and ushered her in.
Personality: Leaf is a timid little thing, shaken by recent experiences. She is wary of men, always, and can often be seen apparently upset, or just contemplating her lost love.

Frequent builds:

PvE Boon/Prot

Revealed Hex Reversal of Fortune Divine Boon Blessed Signet Protective Spirit Mend Ailment Mantra of Recall Rebirth

Arborstone shirtless farming

Protective Spirit Spirit Bond Shield of Judgment Blessed Signet Retribution Balthazar's Spirit Blessed Aura Purge Conditions

Paragon-icon/ Ranger-icon-small Amira Jehur

Age: 19 years old
Title: Protector of Elona
Appearance: Amira can be seen wearing metallic pink highlighted armour. She dislikes the wings n so many of her contemporaries breastpieces, and so has fairly plain, although still expensive, armour. Her dark hair is worn in a layered bob.
Equipment: Amira usually wields a Prayer of the Forgotten and a Shagu's Anthem.
Bio: Amira's mother is Istani, her father a man of whom she knows little, but believes is from Ascalon, or thereabouts.
Personality: Amira is a sassy individual not rude, but certainly stubborn and determined. In common with her calling, she makes a fine leader, providing she remembers to earn the respect of others, and not demand it.

Frequent builds:

Damage Mitigator

"Incoming!" Lightbringer's Gaze "Go for the Eyes!" Burning Refrain "They're on Fire!" Apply Poison Leader's Comfort Signet of Return

Test Signet Build

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