Eh, I'm slowly growing into being more active on here, so I figured I should at least create a talk page. Maybe I'll clean it up eventually even, but I wouldn't count on it. ;)

Kryshnysh is me on nearly 100% of google entries, although eventually I'm sure that'll change. My eyesight is a constant (rare - as of yet undiagnosed) problem, to the point where I actually have an odd set-up to be able to read guildwiki more than sporadically.

I'll probably never be a huge contributor to GuildWiki, but I'll add things as I can.

I tend to see myself as a mixed PvEer/PvPer, with a strong leaning towards PvP and game mechanics. Most of my edits prior to joining were on very basic PvP-related subjects, and I actually joined in the hope that I could contribute some there. I still find that a lot of the descriptions here aren't as good as they tend to be at various fansite forums as far as PvP goes, and I feel that a lot of the bias here is more RA oriented than GvG oriented (my bias is towards GvG quite heavily). That said, I also work with a lot of newer players, and thus with lots of "horrible" builds while unlocking and learning various skills required in GvG.

Most of my edits are those pointed out on some spot on a forum or another, although I occasionally will see something to edit on my own.

I am horrible at the cases required on GuildWiki, so I make lots of mistakes, and obviously my page will reflect those "mistakes."


Account number one:

Monk Ugnh Waknes

Warrior Moratonin Backbahn

Elementalist Argos Telenok

Mesmer / Ranger Anorbis Calsain - permanent pre-searing

Ritualist Kortasan Alihoka

PvP Slot #1 - Elhasra Sicanti

Account number two:

Monk Ugnh Wakness

Mesmer Archduke of Drascir

Necromancer Rick Lube

Ranger Koros De Risok

PvP Slot #2 - I Smite Theee Bigly

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This user plays both PvE & PvP.

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At some point I'll get around to properly acknowledging the people who's stuff I stole from... User:Gem for links to lots of interesting pages User:Honorable Sarah for a good start on things like active character listings (which I'm too lazy to make very fancy)

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