These are items up for trade. I do not have reserve prices, so please make offers on my talk page. Do NOT ask me to name a price; I will not have one.

I'm always looking for drinks for Theiyonus' Drunkard title.

Weapon Mods (max unless marked)

  • Axe Grip of Defense
  • Barbed Dagger Tang
  • Crippling Axe Haft
  • Crippling Bowstring
  • Fiery Bowstring
  • Furious Scythe Snathe
  • Hale Staff Head
  • Scythe Grip of Enchanting
  • Swift Staff Head x2
  • Sundering Bowstring (+20%/19%)
  • Vampiric Axe Haft
  • Vampiric Dagger Tang
  • Vampiric Sword Hilt
  • Wand Wrapping of Memory
  • Wand Wrapping of Quickening x2
  • Zealous Bowstring
  • Zealous Dagger Tang
  • Zealous Hammer Haft
  • Zealous Scythe Snathe


  • Survivor Insignia


  • Don't Think Twice x2
  • Guided by Fate x2
  • Master of My Domain


  • Rune of Attunement x4
  • Rune of Minor Vigor x2
  • Rune of Vitae x4
  • Superior Monk Rune of Smiting Prayers
  • Superior Necromancer Rune of Death Magic


  • 2x Black
  • 7x Blue
  • 8x Brown
  • 6x Green
  • 3x Orange
  • 7x Purple
  • 13x Red
  • 3x Silver
  • 2x White
  • 6x Yellow




  • Aatxe x2
  • Abyssal
  • Cave Spider
  • Cloudtouched Simian x2
  • Fire Imp
  • Harpy Ranger
  • Jungle Troll
  • Temple Guardian


  • Assassin Tome
  • Elementalist Tome x5
  • Necromancer Tome
  • Ranger Tome x3
  • Warrior Tome x4
  • Elite Assassin Tome
  • Elite Dervish Tome x2
  • Elite Elementalist Tome
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