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"Rats live on no evil star."


No-wiki This user does not support duplication of effort for the benefit of licensing terms.

600 This user has done roughly 600 contributions in 5 months.

Frenzy This user is annoyed by anons and users who think they can delete others votes.

"For Great Justice!" This user denies, hates and will not play GW2.

Mesmer-icon This user is a Mesmer by nature.

About me

  • Age:
  • 16
  • Lives in:
  • Sweden
  • Guild:
  • MTS
About me
  • Looking in the Build section
  • Makes links to everything that can be linked, almost.


Things i do around here

Other stuff

My builds
  • Warrior-icon-smallHas never been taught
  • Monk-icon-smallListens to opinions of the more experienced, and decides on their own
  • Elementalist-icon-smallAvoids those who exclude
  • Ranger-icon-smallis willing to help
  • Paragon-icon-smallTemporary
  • Assassin-icon-smallRefuses to learn
  • Necromancer-icon-smallIgnores the more experienced, or follows blindly the advice of others.
  • Mesmer-icon-smallBecomes one who excludes
  • Ritualist-icon-smallIs willing to bill you for it
  • Dervish-icon-smallTerminal
(Shamelessly stolen from Honorable Sarah)
Difference Between newbie and noob.
  • RTFM! Meaning: read the [BIP!] rules!
Note to every person on the wiki
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