Yeah, I'm not going to put a massive profile of all 7 of my characters. Just my main one, and maybe a second later on.

Monk-icon Light Cleric(Primary Character)

Light cleric


-Tyrian Pathfinder
-Treasure Hunter(1)
-Collector of Wisdom(2)
-Brave Lightbringer(3)
-Protector of Tyria
-Protector of Cantha
-Elonian Grandmaster Cartographer
-Not Too Shabby(10)(Max)
-Tyrian Skill Hunter
-Kind of a Big Deal

PvE Build:

Dwayna's Kiss Protective Spirit Shield of Absorption Dismiss Condition Guardian Glyph of Lesser Energy Word of Healing Aegis

PvP Build:

Reversal of Fortune Dismiss Condition Word of Healing Protective Spirit Guardian Glyph of Lesser Energy Spirit Bond Holy Veil

Rajazan's Fervor / Wroth's Icon

Archived Builds: R/Rt Brutal Glass Arrows

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