About Me

I'm Lord Twitchiopolis, a 23 year old college dude that loves GW. I'm majoring in Geology and Minoring in Chinese, though that doesn't mean I'm good at either. My particular favorite thing to do with GuildWars Wikia is to update monster images and to try to get the best image possible for each monster.

Images I've Taken


My main goal is to get the best possible monster shots I can for GuildWars Wikia. If you can think of an image that could use an update and you like my style, let me know on my talk page. Otherwise I'll just keep trying the links below and update monster images as I brouse the beastiary.

Category:Image/update needed
GuildWars Wikia:Monster_images_project

And to show I'm not too serious about this all.....

Now what do I do?
Because what can't Legos do?
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