Lu Zon's Personal Profile

Hello World! This is Lu Zon's Personal Profile Page! It's used to... you know... show who I am. Currently it is not up to Standard with anything but I will be working on it soon enough to make it all pretty and proper!

Really just a place for me to blow my brain juices around, I'm going to detail out a totally fake and made up Pirate Profession because I'm the kind of dork that likes pirates and wants them in Guild Wars ^_^. First of all the Pirate profession wouldn't be called a "Pirate" the same way Ninjas are called Assassins and Bards and called Paragons. They'd have an irrelevant name like Pioneer or Engineer or something. They'd have some sort of one handed melee weapon, maybe a knife. A Sword would make sense but Warriors allready got that. Besides, knives are perfectly Piratelike. In their off hand they'd have the totally unique Flint-Lock-Pistols which they need to have to activate some of their more powerful attacks. Basically this allows the Pirate Profession to have their signiture pistol-ness without being able to use it to attack normally with it. The attack interval would have to be incredibly high because it's a flint-lock-pistol and not a revolver or a semi-automatic pistol (although it'd be neat to find skins to make it look like it is @_@). I'm still working on it but that's my big idea, haha, basically having a pistol in the offhand required to do certain attack moves while normally you attack with a knife or something similar. Shank, shank away!

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