Welcome to my userpage, home to The Warrior Union project. --->User:Lullysing/The_Warrior_Union and my guildwiki warblog, something which i've been told makes me a really strange animal. You are all encouraged to discuss the issue and provide comments on this tongue in cheek attempt at rooting out the problems of our profession.

To see my blog , Kaga's adventures in high end dungeoneering , click ---> User_blog:Lullysing There's a build section Cooking with Iron, with Chef Kaga but it's been mostly abandonned for a while, somthing which i hope to correct. I usually just post minibuildbars in the blog, so just be on the lookout.

((and just for me, a link to create a blog post, Special:CreateBlogPage))

"For Great Justice!" This user is a proud member of TWU, The warrior Union, a discussion about the warrior's sad place at the bottom of the teaming heap ( and humorous look at it from the angle of the warrior as a blue collar worker ).
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 "And Bobby provides other memories, tapped from the artist as
   he accessed 3Jane's library of Babel: his slow, sad, childlike labor on the
   plain called Dog Solitude, erecting anew the forms of pain and memory."

   That which does not kill us, makes us stranger.
   -- Trevor Goodchild, Aeon flux.

By pretty much all standard quotations and testing methods, i am to be considered weird. Then again, what is a weird person? Is it because I fervently believe in the cause of eraducation ? Is it because i usually will say the worst jokes and the darnest things? Is it because i appreciate irony to an artform ? People could blame the "Being weird is not enough" macaron i got on my jacket. It could be the evil space midget ninjas that made me that way, who knows?

Whatever it is, it means that sometimes i may probably be the funniest guy ever this side of the universe. Other days, i could be the guy that just said things that make you bang your head in shame you come from the same species as i do.

Oh well. Fuck it. I've decided a long while back that basing your existance on what other people thought of you was essentially a death trap, and basically made you a slave to other people's perceptions. There's also the fact most people thought i was either a nice guy ( which i still am) a dick ( which i have, and am sometimes) , a dumbass ( which i was, and am sometimes) , a weirdo ( feh! ), someone that "just didn't get it". so yeah... fuck it, and let's just move on...

   Like the annoying teenager next door with a 90hp import sporting a 6 foot tall bolt-on wing,
   Gentoo users are proof that society is best served by roving gangs of armed vigilantes, dishing
   out swift, cold justice with baseball bats to those fucking ricer bastards.
   -- Gentoo is for ricers webpage, h8 enabled section.

If you're still wondering who the hell i could possibly be, i'll give ya some more scoopin'.

  • I'm a gamer. Be it tabletop, strategy, RPGs, pen and paper, fucked up boardgames and more, to quake-style rocketry and gibbings, i'm a gamer, i game, and if you don't get the point of luring a cop with dropped donuts and then gibbing his punk ass with a rocket launcher, then you may not get some the humor contained within this journal.
  • I am utterly, totally, completely, fascinated by anything pimp-like , be it the outfits, the blaxploitation, the street, the psychology of it.... Don't ask me why, but that stuff is just like crack cocaine for a geeky white boy like me.
  • I like weird shit. For example, i do trash computing ( taking appart several PoS computers you found of that were "donated generously" to you... and then making one that actually works from the cannibalised parts). I like linux for it's ability to run well and efficiently on trash computers.
  • Any mentions of ninjas, or ninja gamers, or burger-delivery ninjas will immediatly get my attention. Anything even remotely ghetto, for example trailer park boys, hooks me hook, line and sinker.
  • I am already fucked. Between choosing diet or non-diet cola ( sugar gets you fat and you get a stroke, aspartame gives you alzeimer or a heart attack) , i figure i'm quite fucked anyhow, so dont worry about me being completely and utterly fucked.
  • I have a huge failing when it comes to Orangina-triple sec, Orange brandy liquor or any number of custom drinks including my very own purple penguin. While i may drink very occasionally, the proximity of orangina and the presence of tripplesec in the house usually sets off things in a certain motion, usually involving the special mixed drinks glasses, some ice, and several refills..
  • In evilsmileyworld, If i ever get invited into some kind of game show, an as a final prize i have to choose between a custom, but grungy looking hovercraft, a complete scrath-dj equipment warchest, and a top of the line alienware.... i'dd probably punch the presenter, grab the loot and make a daring escape in the hovercraft.

So remember, if anybody says they're not coming out the door until somebody "turns off that damn bomb", and there's a bunch of govermental ninjas huddled around a nuke warhead because the whole mesa complex facility is fucked, you'll know what to do : Gib the ninjas, turn off the bomb, THEN get on to the next level. You dig?

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