Elona-icon Hi, I am mendel. I used to play Guild Wars on all 4 campaigns casually, going for Cartographer (= scraping), following the storyline, taking all side quests, not looking up any builds and avoiding consumables. More time on the wiki = less time for Guild Wars. I rarely play PvP. I have sysop powers here on GuildWiki; whether I also had admin wisdom is debatable; and despite that I received and still have bureaucrat powers. Oh well. Who am I?

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Giga&#039;s Mendel&#039;s Fanfare Magic Card

As in any good traditional commercial, here are some quotes badly ripped out of context to make them appear more favorable than they originally were. Sorted in reverse chronological order.

  • "Mendel has the Fast Casting skill, Delegate Powers [for 6...36 months, your wiki-related projects complete more quickly]" Tennessee Ernie Ford, [1]
  • "You're rather clinically direct and objective, generally patient, and not a pretentious caustic jerkwad" AudreyChandler, [2]
  • "Hysterically long" GW-Alc, [3]
  • "You're irritating as hell, persistent, and a fucking carebear." "You're really thick and don't take hints.." private msn conversation, 12 April 2009
  • "BTW - mendel was hands down the best user that wasn't given administrative privileges fast enough - top job on everything" Randomtime, on #gwiki, 22:26, 19 March 2009 (UTC)
  • "Y, herro dar." Gigafelix
  • "Will you get out of my wardrobe?" Suicidal Tendencie No really... get out of there...
  • "Dude, liek, we needz you here.... I needz you. plz don't leave :-( "Arnout aka The Emperors Angel, [4]
  • "I may be an admin, but that doesn't mean I'm right!" mendel, here
  • "I think you hit all the bases with that article" Macros, [5]
  • "reasonably funny" Felix Omni, [6]
  • "mendel has a great point" PanSola, [7]
  • "actually keeps this wiki afloat" Lurkerabove, [8]
  • "one of the most reasonable people in this community" Dr Ishmael, [9]
  • "I gotta say I love your edit summaries." Entrea, [10]
  • " You Win: The Ruricu Awesome Star for today for your awesome reply" Ruricu, [11]
  • "I think you are a great contributor." Isk8, [12]
  • "I just wanted to compliment you on your diplomacy, sophistication in public and general knack for codes and the way things work." Powersurge360, [13]
  • "you've got some mad wiki skillz." CorrectJeans, [14]
  • "you are really good at HTML" Hellbringer, [15]

  I hopped the rail myself and followed him to the edge of the roof. We were only about twenty feet up, but the gardens and fountains spreading out on all sides made for a spectacular view. Elodin stood perilously near the edge, his master's robe flapping around him like a dark flag. He looked rather impressive, actually, if you were willing to ignore the fact that he was still only wearing one sock.

  I went to stand beside him on the edge of the roof. I knew what my third question had to be. "what would I have to do," I asked, "to study naming under you?"

  He met my eye calmly, appraising me. "Jump," he said. "Jump off this roof."

  That's when I realized that all of this had been a test. Elodin had been taking my measure ever since we met. He had a grudging respect for my tenacity, and he had been surprised that I noticed something odd about the air in his room. He was on the verge of accepting me as a student.

  But he needed more, proof of my dedication. A demonstration. A leap of faith.

  And as I stood there, a piece of story came to mind. So Taborlin fell, but he did not despair. For he knew the name of the wind, and so the wind obeyed him. It cradled and caressed him. It bore him to the ground as gently as a puff of thistledown. It set him on his feet softly as a mother's kiss.

  Elodin knew the name of the wind.

  Still looking him in the eye, I stepped off the edge of the roof.

  Elodin's expression was marvelous. I have never seen a man so astonished. I spun slightly as I fell, so he stayed in my line of vision. I saw him raise one hand slightly, as if making a belated attempt to grab hold of me.

  I felt weightless, like I was floating.

  Then I struck the ground.

"The name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss, p.314

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